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Sneaking Out at Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alchohlics_Anonymous, May 3, 2004.

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  1. osnapizzel

    osnapizzel Banned

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    haha that sucks, my mom knows better than chase writers around late at night. seriously what a waste of time lol
  2. Phaze317

    Phaze317 New Member

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    Heres a cool lil trick to keep the ball bearing in yer cans quite if you need them to be. Get a decent size magnet that will fit on the bottom of yer spray paint can. The magnet will keep the ball from rattling around and makin noise. Plus the sock trick works good to keep cans from rattling against each other.

    [Broken External Image]:
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  3. geritto

    geritto Senior Member

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    ayh well i live in the basement of my house and i can sneak out throught the basement door and not get caught the problem is i live near a hospital so theres always shot goin on super open so gettin to spots not look suspicious is kinda hard.
    after to gettin to the spots i get super paranoid so im fucked either way.
  4. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    *edit: i thought that bear was in your sig*

    that only works on some cans.....
    the magnet thing i mean...

    @dude who called out mustard

    i dont battle people on this site either, for the simple fact, if you win what the fuck difference does it make? some 15 yo in iowa thinks you got dope style? not worth the time or effort
  5. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Man. Guys I never get to get out at my House the only time I get out is at my Freinds house cause like my mom make frequent trips to the bathroom. and Shit cause she eats all ice. And the only way I can get out is through my window but that had beacuse I have to get a fuck Ladder and its locked up in the Garage and my dad has the KEY... That why I always go over my freinds house just to fuckin get out.
  6. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    why dont you kids stay at other people's houses. or say you are, and then stay out til dawn, or whenever.
  7. TheDeadMethod

    TheDeadMethod Member

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    about 2 years ago i said i was at a frends and stayed out all night and slept in the car in some culdesac. it was december. i slept from 4-7 and woke up colder than all hell. i did end up standing on top of my car though and hitting this highup powerbox, got a couple "how the hell did you get up there"s
  8. punk28

    punk28 Member

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    this is wat i do... when my dad goes to sleep i watch to see when he gets up and wat r the chances that he wakes up and i aint in the house at 2 in the morning. so after a while.. i found out that if i leave at 3am its alright cuz my dad goes to work at 5 so he aint getting up... but i got caugt already.. i came home and my dad was awake at 3:30 am and shit he was so pissed off. i told him that i just went fo a walk...but now i go in the day..its more risky but i have my bandana and it covers my face.
  9. Each

    Each Senior Member

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    my mom always crashes at like 9, but my dad not till one, but when he does he's out like a light. so i just go through the garage, get my bike and leave :) i dont go openable windowas in my room so its either that or the dog door, and i actually did that once, but that was like a year ago when i still fit (Yes i'm hella skinny).

    P.S. i live like 12 miles outta town and cant drive so i need my bike
  10. MessTonic

    MessTonic Senior Member

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    fucking damnitttt, my mom is getting a security system on the house tommorrow..
  11. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    slit that bitch's throat yo... don't take that from her...

    but when i would sneak out, my parents would turn their heads the other way. they'd pretend to be asleep, and sometimes i'd even take the car. they wouldn't say shit the next day, they just might hide their keys for a week or two. talk about passive aggressive.

    but if it wasn't the car it was the good ol' bike bombin' missions. gotta hate them sweaty adventures.
  12. Each

    Each Senior Member

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    oh i fuckin do ^
  13. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    i can recall puttin' up a fresh throwup and me riding my bike down the street thinking "shit, cops are gonna see that any minute, then they'll see me. they're going to know it's me!" so i would take an alternative route home or just camp out for a few minutes in some neighborhood. terrible times, terrible times.

    or when i would lock my bike up to go walk to a crazy ass spot where i would need to climb and i would eventually end up having to run because of some neighborhood hero trying to be a badass and i'd come for my bike the next day, lookin' at the shit i did, like fuckin' ay that was crazy.
  14. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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    I usually go by bike now^
    the only problem is you don't move slow enough to notice all the spots to tag and then end up only catching a few.
    would you guys recommend walking and locking it up?
  15. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    yo, get a car bro. trust me. get someone to drive you. you're alot less likely to get pulled over at 2 in the morning if you're driving your car straight and not causing alot of attention.

    rode out with these stupid ass heads once and they were blastin' their speakers at two in the morning when we were gonna go bomb. i said, you guys are fucking stupid i guess you want to get arrested. they didn't give a fuck. this is the song they were playing too. check it. turn your speakers up...
  16. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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    Haha maybe when i'm old enough.
    I dont think my computer speakers can show proper appreciation for the bass in that song but thats gotta be ill. I bet the dumdumdudm would be felt in the ground for at least three block radius.
  17. GraffitiEast2008

    GraffitiEast2008 Senior Member

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    i have to like jump out my window hahah
  18. King Skeem

    King Skeem Member

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    man i live in the garage

    we built like a big room in there.

    so i just walk out my room. and out a door in the garage. jump over my backyard fence
    and run for dem hills
  19. BadUncing69

    BadUncing69 Senior Member

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    scooters 1 there light 2 there less suspicious and 3 how dangerous can a guy on a sooter be.. so people wont pay you no mind plus if you wanna get some where that you cant bring you bike to you can just fold up the scooter and carry it plus you can beat people up with it . ha!
  20. King Skeem

    King Skeem Member

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    hahah ima look into tha scoota idea. i like it hahah