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Sneaking Out at Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alchohlics_Anonymous, May 3, 2004.

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  1. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    I'm loling at the idea of having certain rights at the age of 18. Because I'll be drinking in bars, hiring strippers and smoking as many cigars as I can legally buy. While your kids Will be all '' Sorry, dude, I can't go bombing tonight, I have a curfew of 11'' Hahahaha
    Sorry, no beef. It just amuses me highly. See, ethnocentrism.
  2. ..romero..

    ..romero.. Elite Member

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    what the fuck does enthocentrism have to do with this discussion???
  3. milk boxx

    milk boxx Senior Member

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    my room is in my basement and i have a lock on my door.. so i just lock my door everynight and i have a backdoor in my room and i have a window in my room... both right on the ground. so i just usually crawl out my window and then crawl back in..
  4. Ladyy

    Ladyy Senior Member

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    Well my parents are super protective so I go in the daytime sometimes but usually I tell my parents I go to the gym since I have 2 memberships and I meet up with like one of my friends, either shannon or cassie. We meet up at like 3 in the morning and stay out till like 8 or until school starts where I live no cops drive around at that hour you can practically hit ANYTHING. or when I go in day time its not so bad cause no one really suspects a girl to go bombing so they arent too up on my ass about it. One time we told a transit cop that it was hairspray and he believed us.
  5. ZTooPiiD

    ZTooPiiD Member

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    I wish there were more girls that bombed....

    and Ego,, i feel you on the city feeling more alive when its night time...
    its almost like you see the true colors of the city at night...
  6. JayAyDubZed

    JayAyDubZed Senior Member

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    Just take the punishment in the morning lol.
    My parents know I write and don't really have a problem with it. Well the art part anyway. They don't support my tagging but they don't really do anything about it.
  7. provinT13

    provinT13 Senior Member

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    I don't usually have to sneak out, but latley it's been sketch. Here is my situation. My dad goes to bed real early, 2 floors up, so he's no problem, but my mom lays upstairs watching tv, falling in and out of sleep until like 3 am, but sometimes she gets up and starts cleaning/getting on the computer/ cleaning the cat box, which is downstairs where I am. My basement has no door so I have to be extra quiet, and the blinds on my window are damn loud. Well usually i'll go out around 11, drive somewhere, park and start walking, then come home around 2 or 3, and hope my mom is either in bed or she doesn't wake up when I walk through the door, which is right next to the couch.

    The other night I walked in and she was up and asked where I had been, so I said I was out with a friend. The next morning they asked me where I was out at and I had to make up some story that I went to the hookah bar, fortunatly they bought it and weren't too pissed, so I said fuck that to walking in and out after that

    When I sneak out I just have to hope to shit my mom doesn't come downstairs and clean the stupid ass cat box. Last night I cleaned it out myself so she didn't come down, and when I was sneaking back in at 4 am, I had to open the window from the outside and pull the blinds up. I get all set up, and i'm sneaking in trying to not make a sound and the fucking blinds fall off the damn wall!!! Fortunatly only one side fell and I cought them, whew! I can't wait to move out, just a few more months lol
  8. sloppy_assasin168

    sloppy_assasin168 Senior Member

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    i live across the street from a dude in my crew so i sleep at his house and when his dad goes to sleep, 2 floors above, hes dead asleep.

    we leave out the front door, marker route , then come back in through the front door.

    his dad asks where we were say we were at my house grabbing extra clothes.

    after 30 stop signs 19 mailboxes 10 windows and a truck or two, the rush is just to great to go back to sleep though lol.
  9. Darko

    Darko Senior Member

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    i open up my window
    take off the bug screen
    climb out
    go around back
    put the ladder right below my window
    close my window
    continue on

    the only bad thing is thats sometimes when im on my way back in, my dog starts barking, but i just say there was a hobo outside
  10. cannabanana

    cannabanana Member

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    i live with my parents...
    but thats only because im a bum, not a minor.
  11. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

  12. west-dmk

    west-dmk Member

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    i have no curfew im with a family member almost 24/7 its either bomb daytime or not at all it sucks and i cant sneak out parents check on me every hour or so (theyr like fucking owls!
  13. west-dmk

    west-dmk Member

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    fuck it man! monday night im sneaking out! (how do i get from a 3rd floor down to the ground w/o jumping or a ladder? do i just tie a rope to my bed and go down lil by little?
  14. Mouths_Seeking_Kolgate

    Mouths_Seeking_Kolgate Member

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    i used to use the fire escape to sneak out at night and visit my squeez until my moms kept thinkin someone was busting into our apartment cuz id have to smash the window everynight to get out so she called the cops like 4 times and now a patrol car sits in the alley so i cant even make out with my girlfriend anymore. turns out the slut was fucking rico from 7C anyway so fuck it.
  15. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    ok so u thaught the best way sneek out at night was to break a your own window,
    as oposed to just opening the window
    or uhh sneeking out the door oh lawwwdy
  16. Communisthobo96

    Communisthobo96 Member

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    I just wait till everyone is gone to bed, then i do some parkour off my roof grab my longboard and dip.
    My dad installs cameras for a living so i gotta watch out for them when i leave. normaly hop over 2 or 3
    of my neighbours gates till im far away from the camera's range. :cool:
  17. my.favorite.addiction

    my.favorite.addiction Banned

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    Homie and I start packing,grab a scarf,trustee jacket,some gloves probably around 11 or 12.
    "Bye Mom,love you,Ill call around 2 if were gonna be out later,goodnight"
    walk out the door.
  18. Clepto.

    Clepto. Member

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    I sleep with a fan on, so its pretty loud. So I just lock the door, turn off the light, and pop on the fan. Then Climb out my second story window. There's an addon to my house, so there's a roof outside my window, so i just hop on there, then on my neighbors fence and hop down. Or I lock my door, then go out the back door. Just pick my door back open with a screw driver. Just be smart about it.......
  19. Juelz Santana

    Juelz Santana Senior Member

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    i used to just walk out my door.then in the middle of a fillin at like 4 my mom called lol.made up some bullshit but still awkward
  20. AUK

    AUK Member

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    how they hell do I sneak out of an appartment? im on the top floor so no chance of going out the window....