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Sneaking Out at Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alchohlics_Anonymous, May 3, 2004.

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  1. Walt

    Walt Senior Member

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    i had to sneak out one time and i had to jump off my roof, sprained my ankle. couldnt come back inside cause the housemate was still awake, so i just went bombing anyways

    ride a super shitty bike and dress like a hobo, take a black and a white in your waistband, and only go with 1 other person. you will not get fucked with if you look like a bum, i've been doing it like that for 3 nights a week for the past 2 years, without any trouble
  2. GpersKreepers

    GpersKreepers Senior Member

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    when i still lived with the parents i used to say i was staying at a mates, these days i tell my missus IM GOING OUT TO PAINT SHIT, MAKE SURE DINNERS IN THE OVEN WHEN IM BACK
  3. urmomisuglyt

    urmomisuglyt Banned

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  4. Sicotik13

    Sicotik13 Senior Member

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    when i first started i would take all my paint and say im staying at my friends house and ride my bike over, hang out until dark then go hit what i wanted. then when i finished i would just ride my bike home. lucky for me i had like a game/chill room in my basement and my basement stairs were in the garage so i never even had to go into the actual house so i would just take everything down stairs and just sleep on the couch down there, never even got caught! and if i wasnt allowed to stay at a friends or allowed to leave the house i would just stay in the chill room until my parents went to sleep wait an hour then just go upstairs into the garage with all my stuff and head out, i even did that for a few quickies with the town hoe down the street ;)
  5. Festo

    Festo Member

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    i used to have it perfect and be able to sneak out at night, in the front and out the front.

    but now my parents have this security system where if you deactivate it it sends a message to their cellphones and if you leave through a door or window it goes off....oh well graffiti writers are supposed to be resourceful

    Protip, When your unlocking the door or opening or closing anything place your hand in the middle of the door and apply some pressure, youll notice the sound is almost muffled because the door wont vibrate loosly
  6. must.bomb.chicago

    must.bomb.chicago Member

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    Hmm, i need to get out of the house to go bomb? well, theres a door at the front end on my house..... My shoes are by that door....... So what do i do? Well, I kill some time watching tv, sketching, or browsing the internet, wait till my parents are asleep. Then i grab my shit, slip my shoes on and walk out the front door. If my parents ever ask why i was leaving the house so late, i just say i was headed over to the corner store
  7. CrazeSND

    CrazeSND New Member

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    I just walk out whenever the fuck I want lol
  8. streasies

    streasies Member

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    My house has an alarm on the doors but not the windows and theres a hole in the screen of a window that a person could fit through and i just use that. The only thing is that im leaving the window open
  9. PIECE

    PIECE Senior Member

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    I just tell my wife I'm going out for an hour or so. She asks "where to?" Then she sees the cans, says "be careful" and I head out.
  10. biffcreature

    biffcreature Senior Member

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    Walk out the door, leaving it unlocked, bring keys if you feel like it.
  11. NEwker

    NEwker Senior Member

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    Here ya go kids, Newker's Step-By-Step guide to preparing for a bombing mission! Complete with pictures for all you visual learners.

    Step 1: Find your stash/inventory/supplies;

    Step 2: Select which items of destruction you're going to take with you;

    Step 3: Place selected Items in an inconspicuous supply satchel, here I have chosen an overly homosex-coloured laptop carrier;

    Step 4: Don't forget to hide the smaller items, Here are two images showing where to put them, and then how to hide them from the public eye!;

    Step 5: Figure out your exit strategy. I've chosen my front door, as jumping off of my balcony would leave me with broken legs, which are definitely a hindrance in the art of bombing;

    Step 6: Leave Wallets, Phones and any other personal items/Identification behind, if you get caught while you're out, you need to lie to cops. Unless they've seen you painting, they can't do shit. They may ask you to empty your pockets, remove excess clothing, lift trouser legs up, and even ask you to roll the top of your underwear down (all to make sure you're not concealing anything.). They WILL ask you your name, address, contact number. If you have no I.D or phone, you can make shit up. Then, provided your hands are clean, you LEGALLY can't have your paint confiscated. Some police are assholes though (all police, actually) and will likely still attempt to take your shit. Tell them they can't do that, that you have done nothing wrong, that you're an artist, that you're headed home to paint canvases...whatever, but if they know that you know that they can't take your shit, if they take it anyway ask for their badge numbers. They legally have to tell you this. It's usually enough for them to leave you alone.

    7: If you're too young to be allowed out at night by your parents, then you're definitely too young to be bombing, chances are your throws will look like shit, pieces will look like shit, tags will look like shit AND if a real writer/thug/angry male decides to roll you for your shit, you could be in for a worse time than if the cops caught you. Stick to the books.
  12. Walleeto

    Walleeto Senior Member

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    i got a lil brother of a year and 5 months, im afraid he wakes up when im out, which would wake up my parents, they would check my room to see if everythings ok or something, im 99% sure they would, so... i dont know how to sneak out
  13. MrTrane18(NOCK)

    MrTrane18(NOCK) Member

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    Its stupid,well its stupid to me, mybe because im 17,
    You dont need to sneak out why?
    Just put your things that you need for bombing and throw it out of the window,
    and than just go outside, tell your parents your gonna be late, party at your friend house/meeting your girl friend/friends birhtday.
  14. Okse

    Okse Member

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    A few years ago I would just walk out my front door but it makes too much noise now. I just walk out my back sliding glass door and keep it open a little to get back in.
  15. Arose.One

    Arose.One Elite Member

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    ^yeah, i noticed your front door makes a little noise, so i started sneaking out the glass door too, when your dad comes home early and i need to wait quietly in your parents' closet for him to fall asleep. if we ever meet up in the kitchen or by the landing, we should head out for a beer, yo.
  16. Kaze

    Kaze Elite Member

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    chloroform never fails
  17. Junglizt

    Junglizt Senior Member

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    go out at like 9 - 10 ish for a night out, stash my stuff in a bush or hedge somewhere, then clubs close at like half 3 so after that i go get my shit, go bombing, and go back home.. :)
  18. toop

    toop Senior Member

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    walk out the door and tell the rents im going out somewhere

    since cant sneak out late anymore i do from 10-12 and just come home later saying i was out with mates ez as
  19. Foo

    Foo Senior Member

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    My front door is loud as fuck so I just go out a window. Simple.
  20. ChadWarden

    ChadWarden Elite Member

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