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Sneaking Out at Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alchohlics_Anonymous, May 3, 2004.

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  1. InnerCityRebel

    InnerCityRebel Senior Member

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    If you're gonna sneak out, only take whatever you need and an enough amount of supplies,don't be taking like 8 cans and 20 markers/streaks if you're just gonna catch tags
  2. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    i've been having this problem for the first time in 10 years. this is my first time having a roommate i didnt already know or was friends with prior. she's a sweet gal and all, but im not ready for her to know yet that all the "vandalism" on her way to work was caused by the dude who lives upstairs. when i go out at 1 in the morning to paint, i tell her im going to the bar (which then means i have to get drunk before i come home, added bonus). i dont wanna be like "IM FOEONE, BITCH AND I RUN THIS SHIT"
  3. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    never had that problem haha. my parents know and i get cought ur on ur own, and gf wise she comes with me sometimes (spotter/can holder) haha
  4. Grimlocke

    Grimlocke Member

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    I'm trying to figure out a way to sneak out. My parents would be pissed at me forever if they found out that I snuck out of the house to do graffiti (especially my dad). My room is on the second floor of the house, so I can't go out the window. My parents are in the room right next to me and they're both light sleepers. To make things worse, the front and back doors of our house are old and they make a really loud noise whenever they open. I don't have any time to bomb in the day, so I have to figure out a way to sneak out. Any ideas?
  5. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    ^^ stash yer back-pack'o'goodies beneath a dumpster or bushes or something close to yer house. given yer circumstances, plan out a single bombing mission once a week. whichever day you decide to bug out, "fall asleep" on the couch downstairs, studying or watching tv or whatever sounds reasonable to yer parents. creep outside and pray to jesus//allah/buddah you do it quietly enough to sneak back in. an open bathroom window might do wonders
  6. xBOTx

    xBOTx Senior Member

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    My moms usually is knocked out by 11, I leave at 12 to be safe...too bad it didnt work last night, she woke up and called me asking where the fuck I was on a school night. SMH , Bound to get caught one day so be careful. Happy Bombing
  7. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    Went out the first time at night a couple days ago. Easier than I thought. I go out the front door. Its actually 100x quieter than any of the windows, and my backdoor. And its easier. I just leave my bike outside, walk out the front door, at around 12:30. With all my supplies, and im off. My parents are usually dozed off by then.
  8. Excel

    Excel Member

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    I want to go bombing so bad buy my dad would kill me if i got caught
  9. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    ^^Just do it. The longer you wait the worst itll get. Just be careful and scope out your spots to decrease the risk of getting caught.
  10. KAN2.

    KAN2. Member

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    Shit been sneakin out for females since middle school 5 years later and I'll run it down for y'all or at least how I get down when painting
    1. Find a window/ neutral exit Christ this isn't science man
    2. Leave some noise on cover up yours if you're a clumsy fuck
    3. You should already be wearing black, painting ain't a fashion show (pro tip leave your skate shoes/flat soles at the crib guessing you're hoofing it and sore feet kill)
    4. Gloves, ever heard the term caught red handed?
    5. Have your spots thought out if you're bombing, tags I go on a whim
    6. Sus individuals inhabit the night keep a blade/ pipe with you
    7. One more set of eyes is great, a group is considered gang activity and if your dealing with pricks who hold badges they have reasonable cause to stop and search
    8. When you get to your spot scope it out for a small amount figure out traffic flow if your a paranoid fuck like myself(due to probation)then rip your shit catch your flick and bounce but c'mon isn't that common sense?
    9. Now for reentering your crib if you still have cans on you get them in the morning playa, nothing worse that tryna climb through a window with 5 metal maracas in your bag
    10. Hop back in bed son you gotta get some sleep so you can do it tomorrow
  11. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    to be honest who here is 18 and younger lol ??? everyone sneaks out.. lol
  12. hungover

    hungover Elite Member

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    ^lots of peeps, just look in the toy thread.
    And lmao @Kan2 metal maracas is a new one...i usually call them pinball machines
  13. ZorkOner

    ZorkOner Member

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    lol. climb in/outta window. (Y)
  14. SKH

    SKH New Member

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    Just go and turn your mobile off, but lot easier is telling that you sleep at friend.
  15. triphippie

    triphippie Member

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    i just walk out the back door after the parents go to sleep
  16. AYAR_ONE

    AYAR_ONE Member

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    If you're having troubles with creaky doors just leave them half open to minimize noise. You know your house best so plan that shit like a james bond mission and you'll be good!! Stay safe!!
  17. Varya

    Varya Member

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    So I know youre all against stenciling or whatever, but I just made my biggest one yet, and Im getting ready to leave right before sunrise.
    Ive got this binder with all my stencils in it, I have my window open so I can just climb out (I live on the ground floor of an apartment) and Ive got my
    bycicle parked in my street. I'm thinking of hitting a bridge above a walkway where no one comes at night. The problem is, the stencils are so big they all
    poke out of the binder, so anyone who's a little known with grafitti/street art (cops) may know what Im up to.
    Let's just hope I don't get stabbed by gang members or w/e

    MASTAH_RIBCAGE Moderator

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    lmao. I hope a gang member stabs you
  19. quick! act casual

    quick! act casual Member

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    I tried using a bike once and only once... I BMX so I have a loud hub (that clicking sound when the wheel spins). It attracted a lot of attention and I ended up getting hit in the face with a bat. The flying kind. I just walk.
  20. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    Tip: Do not go bombing when its pitch black and you can't see where the paint is hitting. I did this a few weeks ago and it looked worse than it should have. I couldn't light the area where I was at because some people not that far away from where I was were having a campfire or something. One of my worst bombing stories:/