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South Florida

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. mr.housearrest

    mr.housearrest Senior Member

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  2. Arcade

    Arcade Elite Member

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    ^^^thats fresh!!! and props on those black and white fliks...sometimes i miss taking fliks on film
  3. co5mictrigger23

    co5mictrigger23 Member

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  4. 954life

    954life Elite Member

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    I Tried To Catch A Lace BILL BOARD, But There Was A Venom Over It

    ELTORO Elite Member

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    damn thats all u had 2 say?..........
    soft hoe.....haha
  6. masquerido561

    masquerido561 Elite Member

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  7. masquerido561

    masquerido561 Elite Member

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  8. iROBO

    iROBO Member

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  9. masquerido561

    masquerido561 Elite Member

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  10. HalfGangstaShit

    HalfGangstaShit Elite Member

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    I'm almost certain DOSE writes NOPE too.
    Or that ni99a NOPE bites harder than life.


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    im almost certain ur a couple fries short of a happy meal..dumbass
  12. miamistreets

    miamistreets Member

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  13. HalfGangstaShit

    HalfGangstaShit Elite Member

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    ok :confused:

  14. Getting Funds

    Getting Funds Senior Member

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    If we all got along we'd be the illest crew in the universe! Holler to KBT WH EP GF FF TOK 17 DTT RTR KEY RATS GOYA and anyone repping their shit.. Beef is worthless and i think if miami gets together we can take over the whole graff game. People gotta swallow they pride and dead the beef. Miami has mad talent. The beef is destroying us all as all as a city. From the beach rooftop to us1 spots to freight spots. We gotta STOP THE BEEF. If anyone wants to touch on this subject holler at the kid.

    -hope GF
    Last edited: May 8, 2008
  15. HalfGangstaShit

    HalfGangstaShit Elite Member

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    Second That shit ^^^^
    Instead of going over somebody, why not move a little bit to the left or right?
    Make it bigger, rather than messier.
    But that's just my take, and I already know the Thugs will have slick shit to say about this.
  16. youdie ikill

    youdie ikill Senior Member

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    EP's talking about peace !! what's wrong with you buddy ?? your boys dug their own graves dog. cant stop now.. this ni99a so soft his boys try to front like killers and this punk online tryin to make peace. i bet you hide under your bed sheets at night.. bitch..
    Last edited: May 8, 2008
  17. ceostar

    ceostar Elite Member

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    chill out Hope is a good kid .. and has nothinggggggggg to do with this going on thing
  18. ullneverno

    ullneverno Senior Member

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    its easy to hate the next man........
    y'all wanna do something hard.................
    try getting along and not having no pride....whoever this shoe fits run in the bitch!i aint talken at no one in particular but if y'all wanna really be hard and do some tough ass shit....
    try getten along.......
    and thats why it probably wont happen cuz aint nothen around here but a bunch of young blood trying to mark some territory......
    or haven some sort of pissen contest......
    just think on this shit.....forgive how you wanna be forgiven when it comes time to pay y'alls dues.......its all gonna be ok.....all is in order how its meant to be.....y'all do you.....lets let time weed out the love......everybody get up....and i aint talken bout painting!!!!!!!!!!!!but do that too!!!!!
  19. The Master Of His Game

    The Master Of His Game Senior Member

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    WHo cares

    Who gives a fuckkkkkkkkk...just paintt.there will be blooddd..this is miami people

    OWTNGIS Senior Member

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