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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Msfyt, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    I actually thought abot making this thread a while back
    And hope that it can stay on track and be helpful to those that need it most

    Sadly BS has come to realize how serious suicide can be, by loosing two of our most talented members

    Ive also noticed that we arent very supportive here in our own community.
    We can clearly see that in the whatyalooklike thread.

    There could also be a connection in the fact that graffiti is a frowned upon by society. It's hard to make our parents, gf's, etc happy and proud when we are getting arrested and in trouble with the law.

    Personally Ive also noticed (no offense to anyone) that graffiti writers tend to be the kinda person that dont fit in with other groups. Usually because as artists we see beyond just fitting in.

    Anyways I dont really know what we can cover in this thread, but I'm hoping anyone out there in need of help realizes there are resources for you. People who you can turn to and who wont judge you. People like your school concuiller, kids help line, your teacher, etc and they are usually well trained to deal with depression and suicide.

    Being depressed is very common, and I'm sure most people have had the thought of suicide cross their minds. So you are not alone with the pain you feel, we have all been there. The best thing to do is vent, express those feelings to someone you trust because tackeling depression alone is hard and usually we end up in our own deeper ditch of pity.

    So to all you out there trying discover if life is worth it, it is but it may take alot of time before you can see that light again. Being happy doesnt happen in a heart beat it can take a whole life time, but dont rush your lifetime and end it early otherwise your pain will be passed on to others that cared deeply for you (and sadly the ones you want to feel your pain wont even care).

    Here is the Canada Kids Help Line

    The Suicide Information & Education Centre

    ...and the US
    Natl. Referral Network for Kids In Crisis
    1-800-KID-SAVE (543-7283)

    National "YOUTH" Crisis Helpline

    National Hopeline Network
    1-800-SUICIDE or 784-2433

    SPANUSA-Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network

    Suicide Information & Education Center

    Survivors of Suicide/American Foundation of Suicide Prevention

    ...and worldwide - A 24-Hour confidential e-mail service by the Samaritans)
  2. AIP

    AIP Senior Member

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    good thread to make.
  3. a_slave_to_creation

    a_slave_to_creation Senior Member

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    i attempted once and ended up in a mental hospital..... shit is fucked up, seen it happen to too many friends. life is never that bad, there is always atleast one thing to look forward to. if your thinking about pulling some stupid shit, get some help..... you only get one life and when you die, you leave so much pain behind.

    shit is not worth it
  4. slEEt

    slEEt Elite Member

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    One of my good friends shot himself in the neck and bleed to death in his room while his mother was trying to kick the door down. She never got to him.

    If he could have seen how it affected all of his friends and family I know he would have never done it. I miss that kid..
  5. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    Thanks for the thread, Ms.Fyt. I hope this can help some of our comrades and fellow artists in the scene.

    We live an incredibly taxing lifestyle. To my fellow artists who take their art seriously, we are out every single night, risking death and arrest, and let's face it, graffiti promotes a rather self-destructive lifestyle outside of the art itself. Drugs and alcohol go almost hand-in-hand with graff these days. We lead second lives, resulting in twice the stress. It's not surprising to me that so many brilliant artists have met their end by their own hand.

    We need to band together and support one another, and squash our bullshit beef, and recognize we're all in the struggle together to support one another when things are rough.
  6. ShadowDwellerOner

    ShadowDwellerOner Senior Member

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    Yo homie thats whats up and its the straight truth Fuckin amazing thread and I can almost guarantee at one point or another most of yall have had the thought cross your mind wether it be a detailed plan on suicide or a very vague thought. Truth be told its crossed mine when everything seems to go wrong and im in a pit of shitty thoughts and no1 to turn to. And as gay as this is gonna sound or as fuckin much as people are gonna talk shit graff was there for me at the hardest point in my life. When I felt I was worthless, when I felt I had noone in the world that cared for me , when I felt I had nothing to hold on to anymore there was graff. I realised all I had to my name was my graff and my ups and as pitty as it maybe there are some kids out there that look up to me even if its only as a writer its a good feeling when I felt that life shouldnt go on and I was hopeless writing on a fukin wall saved me. Even if it didnt literally stop me from doing something stupid to myself it flicked a switch in my head and thank god for that cause it gave me a push for graff and everyday Im happy I do it wether I be a vandal or a legal eagle it was something I used to vent.
  7. <~ReSiN~>

    <~ReSiN~> Senior Member

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    thanx 4 this thread
  8. skateparadise

    skateparadise Elite Member

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    I had a few friends who though about suicide. and a few of them actually carried it out. My x girlfriend sent me photos right when we started goin out of her arms batterd. they were cut so much. and they wernt scratches they were deep enough were see needed medical attention. i was the only one who knew about it.. then she told her bestfreind. and thats when we had to get her help. she was pissed.

    if you know anyone who cut's them selfs or is tryin to comit suicide. dont stand back and let them do it. you need to step up and tell someone. it only takes one time for them to hit a main artery and they are dead.

    i have had one of my good friends take a belt and hung himself from the top bunk bed. i walked in to see if he wanted to go swimming.. thats when i discoverd him not alive.
  9. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    thanks for the thread miss fitt. i think its a good thing to have here. right now its a little too close for comfort but ill pop in when i can.. but i do appreciate the thread.
  10. Dez-One

    Dez-One Senior Member

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    Msfyt, great thread. I've been close to it once, and hope that I never go there again. Luckly for me, I had a girl who loved me...

    Skateparadise, thats some truth right there. Dont just stand back and let your friends do that to themselves. As bad as it can seem, life aint ever as bad you think.

    To everyone who has lost someone.... I hope that someone is livin in the sky in a better place.
  11. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    I'm pretty sure this thread wasn't meant to be a "name-drop everyone you know who killed himself" thread, fellas.

    Let's show some respect.
  12. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    I don't think they meant it like that. They just told about it so people who think about suicide seriously can see how it affects other people. Suicide is never the answer, no mater what your going through.
  13. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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    Good thread idea

    Any of my friends on here if you ever need any help, I'm not just talking about things so serious as suicide, but anything like relationship troubles, depression, or just any old bad day always feel open to drop me a pm, or ask me for my MSN / AIM.
  14. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    i think a great point was brought up
    most people who have commited suicide had warning sides
    or attempted such things in the past
    dont under estimate your friends depression
    its very hard to admit how lost we may feel, so we keep it to oursleves hoping that we can face it alone
    but personally i think just admitting our feelings leads to healing
    i know it sounds so girly, but really depression is never as bad when you have someone there with you
  15. sInk.dIs.

    sInk.dIs. Member

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    excellent thread,being as how alot of people in general are very close minded to the discussion. as some others have ill say i myself, have tried numerous times, was a cm away from losing complete use of my left arm, was landed in numerous pysch wards etc, etc. depression is for the lack of a better description, a horribly fuckin dark time. if your finding yourself depressed, try to stear clear of music, drugs, or things that generally send you into shitty thoughts. as much as getting high or juiced temporarily relives, it only fades to come back twice as worse. spend alot of time around friends and give yourself space and time. whatever is pressuring you, you try any way shape or form you can to let your feelings be known that it is, too much. suicide is really never the answer. the way i thought that helped me through days at a time was that, as i know it, from the day i was born, until the day that i do die, this is the first and last time ill ever be alive as i know it. so im not gona ever let anything make me feel any less alive then i do right now. no matter the cost. i myself is all i really own. dont take shit in your life, and live life how you dream it.

    rant over.
  16. Dez-One

    Dez-One Senior Member

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    I wasn't looking at it as dropping names. I was just saying that I've been in a position where I want to kill myself, and I can relate and I know just how serious it can be.

    Sink.dis speaks mad truth. And so does Msfyt. Having someone there for you can all the difference in the world. I probably wouldnt be here if it werent for my girlfriend...

    Its people like RFI and gestures like that, that save people.
  17. Oink.

    Oink. Elite Member

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    good thread, ive been down that path all to many times. Attempted and almost suceeded. HAD manic depression but got myself to a place wheere i can be happy. Hope erryone else thats been in my position can too. great thread. Oh nd i got hard into graff when i started to get depressed. It was actually quiet helpful.
  18. a_slave_to_creation

    a_slave_to_creation Senior Member

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    yeah, it is nice to have friends there for you, but in the end its all you. you cant get better unless you want to get better and no one can fix it for you. you have to have someone there to listen and give advice, but that isnt the end. you then have to take what they said, or what you did and apply it. i hate it when my friends and parents act like they 'saved me' i saved myself. and only you can save you, no one else.
  19. sInk.dIs.

    sInk.dIs. Member

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    ahah i know what your sayin, as true as it is, nobody can make you love life but you. your family sure as fuck can help a whole heap by being there, and understanding. but when it comes to life or death, thats going to ultimitley be, your feelings.
    *edit* sorry for the rapid responses, its just personally a topic that alot of people tend to not talk about or bring up, i just love the human mind.
  20. beltonuk

    beltonuk Banned

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    unfortunatly you say life is never that bad but for the person feeling that pain its the worst thing in the world i've tried to kill myself and thought about it many many many times and each time its just bullshit you wake up with some1there tellin you its all gonna be fine you'll be ok ect but how the fuck do they know what your going through?
    your all sayin if you do it then you leave alot of pain behind ect ect blah blah but at the end of the day it doesnt matter if you take your own life or it comes naturally its still gonna hurt some1 theres still gonna be that pain there
    people say talk about it ect but talkin about it dont do shit all even the closest friends you coould ever ask for may listen and may care but at the end of the day how the fuck is that gonna change how you feel? how the fucks that gonna change all the shit and depression your feeling? how the fuck is that gonna change the way the world works?
    its not

    sorry if i offend any1