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The Dumpster Diving Thread!

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by sk8er6, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. fredom-writer

    fredom-writer Senior Member

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    no they don't. Most stores properly dispose of all aerosol's cans.

    Has anyone ever found spray paint in the garbage?
  2. ohgawdxcarcrash

    ohgawdxcarcrash Elite Member

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    I just said that I saw a guy throwing away cans with no tips on them. meaning its going in the dumpster, no compactors or anything. just regular ones. I know what I saw, and all that he was throwing away were flammables in one dumpster, and miscellaneous things in another.
  3. pepsidude84067

    pepsidude84067 Senior Member

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    so anyone go out recently and find any good shit?
  4. snap_pxc

    snap_pxc Senior Member

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    Not a dumpster diver, but i'm really considering it after putting some serious thought into it. I used to work at an auto-paint shop. every car we painted we mixed a new batch of paint and there was ALWAYS leftovers. the shelves would get too clutterd with all of the excess paint so we would just throw it out. I never stole any out of the trash lol because i could always just pinch what ever colors i wanted from the shop but now my auto paint is all gone so i'm thinking of hittin up a dumpster or two.
    This shit is killer for mops, permanent, solvent based (providing the solvents used in the paint where i come from are not banned in your state/province) and thinned to prefection already. It does eat through most mops but once you find one that works your laughing. Or if you have one of those refillable spray cans this shit is killer for that too
  5. mith

    mith Member

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    as resoursful as it maybe many smack heads deposit used needles in dumpsters so id rather not get a free 2 stringed ukelele or whatever and remain hiv free :)

  6. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    we had an auto place near us so when i started painting i always skip dived in there for auto paint always got some nice colours and alot of good chemicals for resell i remember at one point they would just throw boxes un opened striaght out lol we even painted theyr skip one night to thank em haha its still there:D
  7. Ga.nK

    Ga.nK Member

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    okay, well if your going to do this stuff-- do it right, or get the balls to rack or you could easily buy things if you get a job..

    anyhow, the store throws out ripped packages? go into the store when its opened and let it rip!! yeah. beyblades..I know im gay.

    same thing with paint. they throw out paint thats been tested/sprayed in stores? so go test out paints..obviously not all at once or anything stupid like that. use your knoggin kiddies!
  8. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    Dumpster dived 2 days ago, in the back of an home* depot. I realized they through out shit that people open, I found a cheap noname airbrush thing, 1 purple and 1 yellow can of colorplace and work gloves.
  9. ohgawdxcarcrash

    ohgawdxcarcrash Elite Member

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    they throw away opened or damaged goods if by the end of the month no one buys it, or if they restock.
    and homedepot doesnt carry colorplace.
  10. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    Wanna bet ? :D I think I know what I did better than you ^__^

    Things are different in mexico you know... o-o
  11. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    i didnt know mexico had a home depot.

    how the fuck does mexico have a home depot?
    its mexico!!!
  12. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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  13. gumball

    gumball Member

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    im not much of a dumpster diver but my friend worked at micheals and the where throwing out a bunch of dented krylon cans so he left the dumpster unlocked and i snagged it lol i got a about 100 cans of like barely dented cans
  14. BigBlueViolence

    BigBlueViolence Elite Member

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    I wonder who stands around it looking for work? Maybe South Americans.
  15. FuckedReadsSister

    FuckedReadsSister Member

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    best find i ever has was a set of tires (toyo's for any one that cares) that fit my car. still had like 70% tread left. was a bitch getting them though
  16. Each

    Each Senior Member

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    i went dumpsterdivin one night and found a shit ton of porn at hastings. found some movies and music too
  17. immoral

    immoral Elite Member

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    Found near eight gallons of bucket paint when I dumpster dove with Domer
  18. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    Well fuck never considered it but I have a local Giant Tiger and they sell kiwi mops.....yay.
  19. ErrorOner...

    ErrorOner... Elite Member

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    way back in the day i went dumpster diving with my buddy, i forget wher, but we found a bunch of porn too so we took it all and stashed it in a little forest nearby and we went there to see if it was still there and it wasnt even there the day after...people are a bunch of sick fucks...
  20. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    Did it today behing that Giant Tiger well all I found good was a carpet.
    It was garbage day today lol.
    Or reycling?