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The Dumpster Diving Thread!

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by sk8er6, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. millie

    millie Senior Member

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    :d hahahaha
  2. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    some people may think this is stupid, but when my local graf store stopped sell the illadel inks and bleedthrough stuff i found 4 bottles of it in the trash with at least 20 of the bleedthrough addatives. they werent even in the trash, just in a box on the curb, luckily i was the first one to grab them.
  3. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    If you still have a problem with the locks, I can help, PM me for info
  4. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    Try a smoke shop ;)
  5. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    watch out for nails
  6. Namelesstreetart

    Namelesstreetart Member

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    Really easy thing to do for cardboard if you're into stenciling.
    Go to WalMart at night and ask for their throwaway cardboard, they will usually let you walk through the store and take any of what is being used for the stocking.
    Or you can go to about any local factory and ask them if they will be okay with you taking cardboard from their trash bins. This one is very effective, a local business saves me cardboard now just from asking. I get sheets that are thin or thick, 4 foot by 4 foot to 6x10foot pieces of cardboard. Effective.
    For markers and shit, five finger discount.
  7. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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    theres a lays chips factory in lansing Illinois me and a buddy found bags upon bags of chips I think they were past the date of expiration or sumthing maybe but they were fine. I mean a shit load of unopened chips it was like heaven.
  8. BridgeRat

    BridgeRat Senior Member

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    What date at the end of the month have you diving folks had the best luck on,or usually go on? (like the 25th ect.) Im preparing to scurry around in a sherwinn williams dumpster.
  9. mefisto

    mefisto Senior Member

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    True thing, people throw out still working good stuff