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The Intermediate Thread

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by (SoS)Viruz, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. New Member

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    have Been writing a few years but have done a long break, pls critique me

  2. EGGZ

    EGGZ Senior Member

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  3. drapes1125

    drapes1125 Elite Member

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    through the proof dude
  4. drapes1125

    drapes1125 Elite Member

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    i have no three four or no nine nine dude but
  5. EGGZ

    EGGZ Senior Member

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  6. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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  7. EGGZ

    EGGZ Senior Member

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    Yo thanks man. Quite like it too, but i can improve on it. Been mostly concentrating on my structure.

    Id dream to be able to blend and do colour work close to your level. I use ironlak strikers I got on sale.

    I am concentrating on cans and control for the most part at the moment.
  8. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    YES! Good for you. Structure is one of the keys to victory. Keep in mind that buying fancy branded items are great and all but, there are tons of good cheap brands. I use them all the time. In fact the "fancy" branded markers I have I purchased used. So, dont fall into a trap thinking that buying fancy markers will make your art better. The artist makes their art great. The time, effort and love they put into it, is what makes the difference... Lastly, remember, this is GRAFF. Dont be afraid to try variations of your tag. Keep up the good work
  9. Side_One

    Side_One Senior Member

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    I scaled it down to an envelope size, and it turned out dope af. All it's missing is color and some 3D. I feel like leaving this piece the way it is before I fuck it up. Thoughts?

  10. EGGZ

    EGGZ Senior Member

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    Yeah true that. I went a little to far exploring different styles for a bit but will mess with that once I get a solid base down.

    As for the colours I bought I.e strikers.. they are an Aussie graff brand that we're 70% off retail so I had to buy them. Same with cans.

    I had some good advice on other paint brands here for fill etc, which i will look buy quite soon once my sale paint runs out.

    I think the mega corporation here gave ironlak the flick because maybe they promote vandalism haha. They switched to montana which is good but more expensive.

    On the positive I've just seem another competitor come out here called "one take".

    Will try that for a deal also soon..
  11. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    Good luck!
  12. EGGZ

    EGGZ Senior Member

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  13. Ninju

    Ninju Member

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    unfortunately the past, idk at least 5 pages of this thread IS NOT intermediate level, there are some exceptions like EGGZ and SIDE that are advanced/seasoned Beginners but arent "quite" at Intermediate yet, but there are MANY in the past at least 5 pages ive combed thru that DEFINITELY DO NOT belong in this thread and NEED to stick to the TOY and Beginner threads, go back and look thru the 1st 50 or 100 pages when this thread was started over a decade or more ago, and the pieces there REALLY WERE intermediate, they werent advanced holy shit wildstyles, BUT they WERE DEFINITELY NOT simple fat blocks of slice n shift letters that youd see in any old toy thread, alot of the pieces in interemediate is something youd see between a full blown wildstyle and a simple str8 letter, and the flow and rythym and style was ON POINT to where you could TELL that they werent green Toys that didnt know what they were doing and why they were doing it.. who TF is the new moderator of this thread? because its obvious that they havent been doing their job for the past 5 or more pages which is made evident by letting that "piece" darko posted stay up, that shit is worse than most beginner toy shit..

    heres some old intermediate posts that you all should be trying to either get to or surpass in skill/ style/ and flow..



  14. gumOnShoe

    gumOnShoe Elite Member

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    It's nothing/get it on the get by/ betted on the dead guy/ JETTED on the red eye/

    The Prescription Legacy
    Smokers lounge at the pier nocturnally jaded.

    Stop biting writers like me, and denouncing them. It's retarded. How am I trash, but you want to write like me? Mathematics and geometry principles is what I use for writing... you can find trigonometry principles in my shit. This is how you create artworks at a sophisticated echelon.
    HELL YEAH I CAUGHT YOU BITING ME (minus the name drop, you know who you are), IT'S OK FISHER PRICE TOY ASS NIGGAS. Still really just means that you like my style, this is it... It is flattering... one of my hand styles was featured on 12OZprophet's Flick Fridays compilation, then BombingScience's Instagram liked the picture on my page... Snapple facts, my sauce is global making me a solid vandal... timelessly. Difference between me and others, I'm confident in my own ability and am willing to note when I go from lose to win. Have gotten paid for my typography and artworks at legit establishments, it feels great. hate me, love me, it's all the same. won't let the noise and gossip occupy my thoughts...

    Not.Fucking.Trying.... to sell, although, may be you might...


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  15. Matt Wrigh

    Matt Wrigh Elite Member

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    A canvas for my homie's daughter!

  16. ElbowMacK187

    ElbowMacK187 Elite Member

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    A lil something light

  17. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    all those years later, and the main debate is STILL what's considered intermediate. and gumonshoe is STILL around.
    fuckin love you bombing science
  18. Junglizt

    Junglizt Senior Member

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    A couple here, let’s all just pretend I made the effort to do nice fills and I’m not lazy as fck


  19. baka.fzk

    baka.fzk New Member

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    From last spring.

  20. baka.fzk

    baka.fzk New Member

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    Mainly blackboard sketches here I see. Working on letters with dollar store markers and some watercolors.