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The UK Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scarface, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. P A N D E M

    P A N D E M Member

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    Yo Willis im from ayrshire! Just started painting again though
  2. GpersKreepers

    GpersKreepers Senior Member

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    word bleak is a killer, bristol has recently lost some of its main hitters though, yuck stopped a while ago, RIP CKONE big bomber, and knoe and sony dont seem to be up like they used to, though sony still bombs hard
  3. shyone

    shyone Elite Member

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    yeah that's true i see sony getting hated on a bit not sure why. that dotcom guy went to prison aswel...didnt have much style anyway. i met bleak at one of the legals seemed like a nice guy didnt talk much though...I hope bristol isnt doing what brighton did about 5 years ago where the illegal scene gets replaced by council permission walls and hard buffing... hopefully it wont go that way but still, bristol graffiti has got a lot bigger in the last few years
  4. subliminal

    subliminal New Member

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    Seize Art Fare - London - June 1 2012
    As corporations infiltrate graffiti culture in an ever present spectre of sponsorship it undermines the soul of graffiti, whose true nature is that of vandalism & expression without permission. Thus it has become necessary to create a platform for graffiti that is outside of corporate sponsorship, museum patronage, & gallery contracts.

    We return graffiti to its roots.
    100% illegal, no permission, no entry fees, no sales.
    Just public art.
  5. cigarette

    cigarette Senior Member

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  6. FuckMcNasty

    FuckMcNasty Senior Member

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  7. 8=======D

    8=======D Banned

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    sounds like some gay artfag shit
  8. uber-lulzzz

    uber-lulzzz Senior Member

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    Glasgow head..
  9. Willis1989

    Willis1989 Senior Member

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    There is a great shortage of graff everywhere in ma local area, a dont know one Ayrshire writer. Fuckin pash.
  10. Fourpence

    Fourpence New Member

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    GNV - UK, Berlin connect!

  11. MoNkEy

    MoNkEy Elite Member

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    guys i havent posted up in here for fuckin ages...but fuck me...NEVER EVERRRRR go to warehouse project in manchester...worst venue known to man...
  12. uber-lulzzz

    uber-lulzzz Senior Member

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    Yo monkey, What kinda Camera's are you rolling with now-a-days?!
  13. Stuart Charlie Whitehouse

    Stuart Charlie Whitehouse New Member

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    I'm in Dudley west mids not many writers here so I'm standing alone and hitting bill boards soon watch this space !
  14. FADE23

    FADE23 Senior Member

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    ^^ I'm stuck in the same situation, as far as I know I'm the only one in my area
  15. Solo.

    Solo. New Member

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    Any London lads around?
  16. BasikUK

    BasikUK Member

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    2013-04-11 20.46.49.jpg Northamptonshire crew ?????

    SETRIXTER Member

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    im in Lewisham mate where abouts are you
  18. MushroomMan

    MushroomMan Member

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    Any Kent heads around? Where abouts you from Fade?
  19. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    yo whats happenin
  20. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    Don't imagine there's many people still checking this thread, but i'm planning a wee trip down to London, and want to paint a few walls.
    Heard many a story of people getting robbed at legals in London, so thinking power in numbers. Anyone want to get together for a wall or
    whatever. Also, anyone else in the uk up for a wall, preferably a few folk, or a jam or whatever then hit me up, thinking of making it into a bit of
    a tour of the uk.