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This is a read for anyone painting trains!

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by underworld busboy, May 3, 2004.

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  1. underworld busboy

    underworld busboy Member

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    This is a topic that is often talked about on graffiti sites, but it is nto stressed enough. DO NOT HEAT OUT TRAINYARDS! All this does is create problems for evryone and could lead to you getting arrested or other writers.

    First thing is first, DONT GET SEEN! This should be a no-brainer. If people see you going into a yard they may call the cops, especially if you have a backpack and look remotley suspicious. When you find a yard to paint in scope it out. Look for ways in and ways out, so if in event of evading somebody you have a quick escape. Also dont get seen by yard workers, they will are most likely to call the police on you because yo uare trespassing and vandelising their property.

    Secondly, CLEAN UP YOUR MESS! When you are finished painting clean your shit up. Workers check the lines of cars daily, if htey find evidence of graffiti being done there then they will report it. Take you spray cans with you, dont throw them 10 feet into the bush, if you spill paint of the ground kick it up. Make it look like the graffiti was on the train before it came into that yard.

    Thirdly, DONT PAINT ON THE NUMBERS! Every train has its own set of numbers that it legaly has to have to be on the tracks. If you paint over these the rail company has to pay money to have them taken out of commission and to be restamped. This costs them a lot of money and makes them pissed at graffiti writers.

    These are some basic rules to follow when painting trains. If you have any more information post it here.
  2. crac

    crac Elite Member

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    another thing you should list is.

    watch out for trains and hobo's trains can sneak up on you in the yard alot of people have been decapitated and had limbs amputated buy trains not a nice sight there is a webpage with tips about train yards but i dont think its graffiti related.
  3. crac

    crac Elite Member

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    • Likes Received: 1 ok here it is check it out. if you have a weak stomach dont look at the picutres. if you enjoy reading about people dieing and looking at pictures of peoples bodys 10 feet from there head with a huge blood trail than this is your site.
  4. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    i always like to walk from one end of the yard to the other first just to do a once over to make sure its safe to paint.
  5. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    i only do trains when they stop somewhere along the tracks... alot easier to run... and last time i went into a yard i heard dogs barking and coming my way... mayb it wasnt in the yard but i didnt wait to see heh....

    and word whats been said above... specially bout them numbers...
  6. Juggalo

    Juggalo Elite Member

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    for the numbers bring some duct tape and cradboard with you cover the numbers up and paint away but make sure that when your done you take off the carboard it adds an interesting look to a peice or throw

  7. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    i just test my paint on the underside of the train...

    and always watch out the train youre painting on can suddenly move. and by move i mean a few meters cuz like its compressed and sometimes unsticks... never happened to me but ive heard it from a few fr8 heads...
  8. ESNED

    ESNED Elite Member

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    no doubt, dont get in the way of a damn train, if ur hoping them try not to be drunk or on drugs you've been warned... leave that to the hobos
  9. nedz

    nedz New Member

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    fo show ..but realy be carefull of those hobos ..they will sneek behind u and stad u or fuckin kill u to take your money ..also dont try not to go too deep into the yard it will be easyer for u to get busted, hit up..they last remaining trains and always have a plan for your ass to get out of there

    never fo undeneath a train!!! to cross over always go up the little latters and across hold on super tight to the steel bars..freights can jump on u...they move maby five inches but..extreamly fast and if it hits u it will trough u a few feet away
    it hapened to my friend and had elbow surgery never put your feet beettween the wheel of the freight and the tracks...have fun painting but be carefull
  10. ares

    ares Elite Member

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    Ignorance is bliss.
  11. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    what the HELL are you talking about son? :blink:
  12. Rock 101r

    Rock 101r New Member

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    dont forget not to hit the entrance and the exits,,, you know,, that way all the graff will stay on the fr8's and the yard workers wont catch on to us getting in and getting out
  13. .44magnum

    .44magnum Senior Member

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    yeah this is how workers found out about a spot where subways were getting hit in my city: a stupid bitch tagged inside the tunnel, right next to where the train was kept...suprised the other guys didn't murder him or somethin' hehe
  14. mindo

    mindo Elite Member

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    Here's a tip that was posted up whent he old forums were here...I think it was Bee who said it. Never Ever Ever Paint on the locomotives...sticke to the trailing cars...hitting the main car will piss everyone off and make them look that much harder for people.

    Also, Don't go on a killing spree and hit every car in a line. This will also heat out a yard because trains are often moved around once they reach a destination. if the workers notice the same looking thing painted on every train on a line, it's a good indication that the yard the train is in is tha yard that was painted and extra security will probably be added to the area.
  15. spacer

    spacer Senior Member

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    ya don't get seen even walkin around i always hide from a locomotive when i can or at least bust out your camera and wave at the engineer so u look like a railfan
  16. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    But then couldn't he just kill you and take your ham sandwich?
  17. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    you stupid kids, its rare you will ever even see a hobo. let alone them kick your ass or kill you.

    id probably eat the sandwich before i get to the yard anyways
  18. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    actually, that was me :D
  19. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    were's flow...didnt he have that thread on freight painting 101
  20. ares

    ares Elite Member

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    I'm sorry but you kids are dumb. Hobo is such an mis-used word. Do some reading...