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This is a read for anyone painting trains!

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by underworld busboy, May 3, 2004.

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  1. _DESSA_

    _DESSA_ Senior Member

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    if its inthe middle of nowhere where there is no writing scene its probably chill and you can take your time
  2. Haste

    Haste Senior Member

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    i think the main question is are you good enough to be painting trains?
  3. The Mak DaDy Dak

    The Mak DaDy Dak Senior Member

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    yea, watch out for trains and another thing, watch out for those pickup truckes specially designed for the tracks.

    i almost got caught by 1.

    and also run under the train if u might get caught by something riding along ur side but BE SURE that the train that u go under is not gonna move for a couple minutes atleast. B) [/b][/quote]
    YOU ARE NUTS MAN !!!!! dont hide under trains if an engine comes to pick up that line of traains AND your are unde is gong to move 3 meters and posibly run u over!! rule number one man dont ever go under a train EVER!! you would rather die then get caught!!!! man never go under always over or around if possible
  4. zink-dt..

    zink-dt.. Senior Member

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    security is tight in london yards. anyone no where i can find a layup in london?
  5. zink-dt..

    zink-dt.. Senior Member

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    and do layups have buildings or is it just a peice of tracks 4 the trains to "sleep" lol?
  6. Mikey2008

    Mikey2008 Member

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    a layup usually dont have any large buildings maybe a saml on but no big warehouses....
    and like that 1 guy said no matter what DONT EVER go under a train cos that can just randomy jup forwad up to a foot at a time....
  7. G-RAF

    G-RAF Senior Member

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    LOL locomotive.. havent hearda that for a while now.. n yeh that cam ish is kinda good idea. haha to the guy goin under the train.. stupid as fuck.. if u ever survive laying dwn on the track, ull have to wait for too long till the end of the train pass over you.. bout i doubt that.. sum chain will probly be hangin n drag you to its destination...well least the remains of you.
  8. syrup2

    syrup2 Elite Member

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    ay whast up with these "bulls" in america i aint seen train police but i herd of em tho most yards im killing got little heat but i think i have seen white suv's around
  9. G-RAF

    G-RAF Senior Member

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    i say if there aint no fences, bring a bike or sumthin. better be a mountainbike so u can gear up/dwn
    it helps if its stolen so u dont feel bad ditchign ti if u gotta climb on sumthin.
  10. moss1

    moss1 Senior Member

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    thanks for the tips!!!!!

    AEONONE Member

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    also watch out for train hoppers, most are generally pretty nice but some will mug your ass for all you've got. if your area doesnt have much graff then thats what the bulls are usually looking for.
  12. b4t0g

    b4t0g Senior Member

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    Also many people didnt know is that they have train police, well at least in America, which writers call bulls...they are usually in white suvs or trucks with out any sign of them being an officer but they have cuffs and guns so watch out...thats just my 2 pennies :D[/b][/quote]
    Yea man, I was on the side of a locomotive that took me forever to even get the balls to climb up on and had finally started my outline when A truck had rolled up on the fuckin tracks. I had no idea how the hell he drove down the tracks. I couldn't see the color of the truck since it was nighttime, but i had to grab my shit and bounce. You gotta watch out for the rail police, i had no idea they existed.
  13. trance

    trance Guest

    there was this dumbass that heated out the main place me n my homie go to paint trains, i fuckin penal code ass raped him
  14. WIZDUM

    WIZDUM Senior Member

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    Shut the fuck up with that penal code shit. It aint funny, noones laughing at that shit and nobody will ever laugh at that shit.
  15. magic nyc

    magic nyc Elite Member

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    What I would do (cause I have yet to paint a train) is use masking tape to cover the numbers, then paint the train and peel the tape off leaving the numbers clean and not having to work around them.
  16. EGAD

    EGAD Banned

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    ^piece of paper and tape, like a stencil
  17. levans

    levans Senior Member

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    i live in australia and fortunatley ive got an abondoned warhouse which is incredibly an old train yard. it used to be an old train depo but now its only 1 big ass warhouse with a shitload of old rusty trains in it
  18. cream soda

    cream soda Senior Member

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    your not would be a fun spot for sure...but yer shit wouldnt get seen....on a real train it would :)
  19. k1ng

    k1ng Senior Member

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    all i do is follow th train lines to find out were depots are
  20. KEMPer

    KEMPer New Member

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    Shit I sleep under trains.