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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Fube, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Nks9224

    Nks9224 Member

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    New at this painted with Behr paint by home depot Need to learn about tips and glow
    Also like to know how to make 3d shadows all help appreciated

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  2. SekOne

    SekOne New Member

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    That's my last throw up I painted. What are your opinions on it?

  3. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Senior Member

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    NyFat and Universal Outline are all you need.
    Your shine is way off tho and your K is pretty fucked. Don’t mess with paint yet.
  4. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    How are they supposed to learn if they don't mess with paint?
  5. Walter!

    Walter! New Member

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    I finally got this throwie the way i like it and now… want to see… if other people like it :)
    so please tell me
    [Broken External Image]:
  6. Flame667

    Flame667 New Member

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    Just started graffiti but have been bombing for à while and i am french so sorry for my writing.a


  7. spikeycat

    spikeycat New Member

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    I'm new to graffiti, this is my first throwie I'm happy with (spike) looking for crits or suggestions :)

  8. vigostar

    vigostar Senior Member

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    Your off to a great start. I'm terrible at throwies but, from a pure artistic POV, my only suggestion would be to play with the sizes of those bubbles. So exaggerate the size of that lower left bubble on the S, middle bubble on the right side of the P, and so forth... I've always felt that the best throwies have a playfulness to them.

    Anyway... Hope that helps. Good luck.
  9. Pigeon_enjoyer

    Pigeon_enjoyer Member

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    little sketch i did at school any crits ?

  10. quickiehand

    quickiehand Senior Member

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    Outline is different than shadow, if you go for shadow only add to one side (the black paint). Also dont put the glow (white paint) on opposite sides of letter, doesnt make sense if you think about the light coming from one angle, usually right or left. Make letters more clean, practice on paper, thats not really a throwie, make letters more "bubbly".

    Thats good for sure, keep going and experimenting with different styles, letter sizes, spike (on top) sizes, upper/lowecase letters
  11. Oski_One

    Oski_One New Member

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    Could I get sum crits on my throwie, i want to get something good down before I start painting. Plus, i don’t have enough paint anyway

  12. blackbookeater

    blackbookeater New Member

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    Roblox ups with the homies…I’m SMEK ONE.. 547A1495-A37A-4CF0-ADBE-98D8D472EEBE.jpeg 51E8B9C1-14E9-40EB-9FF2-604D7662C6E8.jpeg 5AED3254-BD09-43AD-8026-530C53E7FFBF.jpeg 7E5A9C32-FAA5-48F6-8BD6-1FDB5B1AC317.jpeg
  13. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    yooo that's dope
  14. skeur!

    skeur! New Member

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    Any tips/crits? this says bg

  15. bad boy

    bad boy Elite Member

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    Its cool and not a toy, i think so
  16. Sank1

    Sank1 Member

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    D0AABC45-8A5A-4916-9611-F616AB82AA88.jpeg What should I improve? ​
  17. bad boy

    bad boy Elite Member

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    I am not a master, so I'm not the best person to say you that is your throw up sketch cool, ugly, toy or professional or something and I can't say that what would make your sketch better BUT I can say that your throw up sketch is cool and very much better than my throw up sketch so I say that you can do better throwies than me. If you want, you can do shadings to your throw up sketch, it makes it cooler BUT throw up without shadings are also cools I think so. And what you yourself thing about your sketch?
  18. Sank1

    Sank1 Member

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    Thank you, I think I should prob make the S match the A, I’m gonna make another one later this day.
  19. Sank1

    Sank1 Member

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    Here is another one F285B0C9-BF66-4B83-9FC2-CADF260406C5.jpeg
  20. zoup

    zoup Elite Member

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    I never do throwies but got inpired by Joshgrafx one liners, his tutorials on insta are dope af, this is not one liner just some of the better trys i liked haha

  21. Locy 23

    Locy 23 New Member

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    been at it for almost a year



  22. goest

    goest Member

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    Dj's in the building
  23. Ratman

    Ratman Member

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    I know my throwie is bad but any critique

  24. loeloe

    loeloe New Member

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    i think my throwie is ugly and toy but i improve it, wht do u think?

  25. bad boy

    bad boy Elite Member

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    My advice for you is try to do throw up sketch every day if you wanna to practise your skills. And when you do sketches in every day you start to learn to do with your own style. And you need very much paper for sketching so it would be good if you had forexample newspapers, letters or old school tests or something because it is not smart to use sketchbooks when you are practising your skills.