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Tips and paint combos

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by RAWKET, Mar 14, 2016.

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    RAWKET Senior Member

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    So with all the different paint co. out there and all the various tips I would like to know what are your favorite and worse tip and paint combo? And how they interact with each other? For example a universal thin (banana) sprays like a German thin on most cans but is not compatible with Ironlaks etc.
    Astro Fats spray great on most high pressure brands but have a tendency to blow out on montana golds and spray fairly thin and overspray with an adapter on painters touch rustos etc.
  2. drakesang999

    drakesang999 Member

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    Best: Pink dot on Kobra Low-Pressure or Loop, it's sick af for filling
    Worst: Astro Fat + Stencil guard (the plastic special thing that you put over a cap to get thin lines) + Any can You are going to waste all the can on it...
  3. Hand-s

    Hand-s Elite Member

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    NY fats or pink dots on flame orange
  4. andystayblazin93

    andystayblazin93 Member

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    I have question? Since when has there been so many different paint companies and what's the difference between them?
  5. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    Been a fair few brands in the game for a while now, Molotow, MTN and Montanna have been there since the early days so you know they're a brand you can trust. A lot of it is personal preference, and that depends what you are using it for. No point getting a skinny pro cap on a 94 to fill in a throw as you'll be there till November. Likewise not much point putting a astro on a can of Hardcore if skinny lines are your thing.

    Best advise I can give is try them and see what is clever for you.

    For me, its Loop paint all the way, but I am partial to Montanna black. Caps of choice are : Ghetto Blaster/Calligraphy caps and Blue dot softies for blends, Lego caps for Mark up, fill, and Outline. Kak cap and or Loop stock cap for details.
  6. BAITS

    BAITS Moderator

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    I like the ironlaks for piecing.
    MTN speed for your fast colours/piecing
    MTN mega/maximo for the big shit or throws

    been messing around with a brand called crunch. they arent amazing but i get em from $7.50 AUD for a 600ml can... pretty good considering most 600mls are around $12-15 around here