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Tips For Clean Lines

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by EvokeOne, Jul 12, 2004.

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  1. EvokeOne

    EvokeOne Senior Member

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    Hey you guys im working on my can control so i can finally go bust. I would like to know how do i control my can so that i get clean straight lines. I would also like to learn more about cutting lines. Any help would be welcomed. :ph34r:
  2. -> DUMB ONE <-

    -> DUMB ONE <- Elite Member

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    change your name. if you dont know how to paint then you havent been writing very long so you dont have much into your name so you should change it because there is already a very dope REVOK and even an evoke.
  3. BEAS

    BEAS Senior Member

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    at least be evoke 2.

    to do a straight line? use a ruler?cardboard maybe? ar just aim straight?
    did you ever try to think??or keep asking questions and make people think for you?
  4. lowlife

    lowlife Member

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    all i can say that it takes time and perserverance through the toys stage!
  5. CHILLEN905

    CHILLEN905 Elite Member

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  6. afterten

    afterten Elite Member

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  7. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    ^ LOL
    the ones way you get perfectly clean lines are from alot of practice
    if you want find some baords and makes some clouds or jagged filles and try ot outline them as good as you can and jsut try more and more and you will eventually get better
  8. JeCoursLoin

    JeCoursLoin Member

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    :rolleyes: silly bastard ain't you?

    I get clean lines with stencils and tape... my can hand sucks ass. practice is the best advice. Go find some piece of shit piece anything on the side of the road someone's throwin out and practice before you go out and make a dumbass of yourself.
  9. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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  10. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    shortcuts are gay.

    hold the can the same distance away and always at the same angle, and move the can at the same speed.

    and if you wanna cut lines, you just make that fat line on top of the other color, and then paint over half of that and it'll make that line twice as thin. . .if that makes any sense
  11. throw't'up

    throw't'up Member

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    practice... start by making line on wood or anything youll get better
  12. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    :rolleyes: [/b][/quote]
    ha ha ha
    i thought the same thing
  13. sketch

    sketch Member

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    well, i just try to not masterbate for a while, then i put my hand in cold ice BEFORE i get out to write.that helps the shivering a bunch...
    oh wait, you said straight bad.
  14. Mensa

    Mensa Senior Member

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    dont use stock caps! theyre bound to mess with your possibly-straight and clean line... and yeah, practice u lazy guy
  15. JeCoursLoin

    JeCoursLoin Member

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    stock caps work fine for me, but ny thins and german pinks are what i like most.
  16. neurosis

    neurosis Senior Member

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    i use stock caps for outlines. my lines are straight because i have a steady hand dumbass.
  17. Ravek

    Ravek Elite Member

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    clean lines are easy, very fast and percise movments of the hand and wrist
  18. Incite

    Incite Senior Member

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    straight lines are easy for me, always had a steady hand. the only thing i have a problem with is choosin which colors to use.

    is this question concernin' bombs or murals?

    *raises hand if its for bombs*
  19. amk13

    amk13 New Member

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    Try to push your lines so you don't get spray off. Stay steady and even and don't jerk the can.
    For love not fame!
  20. All_City

    All_City Senior Member

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    the only thing you can do is practice really, i like using german thins (grey) i get pretty clean lines with those, and who ever said you couldn't get clean lines with stock caps?!? you just need to learn to move the can fast enough. You only really need razor sharp lines for peices (my thought) cause if u get a spot on the highway or something i only care if they can see/read my shit, it looks clean from a distance anyway with a 2 cents