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Tips For Painting In The Winter

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by bigtakeover, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. bigtakeover

    bigtakeover Senior Member

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    do you guys have any recomendations here, i was out painting yesterday and i got frostbite, and also just froze my ass off. like good gloves that i can wear under latex ones.
  2. Live4TheWall

    Live4TheWall Elite Member

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    Well thats part of the problem, I would just recommend getting a pair of cotton gloves, or like work gloves that you dont care about and use them. Cause what happens is your hand in the latex glove sweats because it cant breath too well, and then the sweat makes your hand all moist and water pulls heat away from your hand like 2/3s faster than normal or something along those lines.

    I would also recommend layers for the rest of you man, layers are good. Get some thermal underwear, and good socks. And dont forget to wear a hat, their always a good idea.
  3. T R E O

    T R E O Elite Member

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    keep your paint warm and wear warm cloths is all i say
  4. kent

    kent Member

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    forget about the latex gloves, yeah just get some work gloves or something like that
    you can get those black cotton gloves pretty cheap too, those work
  5. crac

    crac Elite Member

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    i use stanfield thermal wear.. pants and longsleeve.. then a stanfield cotton sweater and a jacket.. keeps me realy warm.
    the gloves thing.. wear your latex gloves underneather a paint of.. " mechanix gloves thats the company name.. you can pic up a pair at like a canadian tire or lordco are any other place that sells tools and car stuff.. there kelvar top with a leather palm.. so they keep your hands warm but you can also have that nice grip from the leather.. and if your having problems with your paint. toss some socks into the dryer for about 20 minets then put your cans in the warm socks..
  6. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    get some gortex dunks ;)

    bought them just for the cold
  7. EsEyeKayBiotch

    EsEyeKayBiotch Member

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    how do you keep your paint warm...also my caps seem to fuck up more in the winter...or maybe it's b/c my paint gets cold...I don't know...some tips on how to trouble shoot that problem will be appreciated

    Hey btw I don't use gloves to paint I use those pocket warmers and stuff b/c gloves sorta get in my way abit...thats always an option

  8. Red3

    Red3 Senior Member

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    Keep them against you body(paint), or any way they stay warm.

    Pocket warmers?
  9. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    put shortcuts in your armpits to keep them warm if you use those. ive used them in freezing weather and a ny fatcap and the can popped on the bottom. i got orange paint all over my shoes and i left an ulgy ass tag that looked like someone threw a bucket of paint at it. im not sure if it had somethin to do with the weather or the cap on a smal can..does anyone know?
  10. wookiE

    wookiE Senior Member

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    beanies and gloves
  11. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    cans in the arm pit, and if you wear underarmor stick normal cans in your groan area to keep them warm
  12. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    hahah dude where do you live?

    its been like 50s-70s all week in new york
  13. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    yea detroit got snow the october 2nd.... and we havnt seen any since... yea we are all going to die!!!
  14. SCOPE2

    SCOPE2 Senior Member

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    watever you do, dont go out bombing when its snowing, one its cold, and two, you leave footprints and its easy to track you by them, unless its a place where everyone walks, and its all moooshie...ewww.
  15. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    dude you dont need to worry abotu snow in brooklyn hahaha especially now
  16. enuf.

    enuf. Senior Member

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    Ha same in ohio,

    Shit it's going to be warm from now on so i don't have to worry bout it!
  17. M.P.L.S. run from the po-po's

    M.P.L.S. run from the po-po's Member

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    whats fucked up is i also got frost bit on my right index fingure. its fucked up, shits all blistered, its horrible.

    Here in Minneapolis its been 30 degrees a night so not toi bad.
  18. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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    I got frost bite all over my fucking ears, when I was in edmonton it got fucking almost -40. :(
  19. "Skab"

    "Skab" Member

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    i suggest painting in the nude when its freezing outside haha
    or wear a thick sweater gloves and dont forget the double socks!
  20. yakrian

    yakrian Senior Member

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    I live in Northern Canada...about 1000 miles above Montana. Just wear warmer pants...snowpants if you're gonna be out as long as I am. Go to a snowboard shop and get some Pipe-Gloves...they're thin enough that you've got decent ability to feel, yet warm enough that your fingers won't be numb. Larger jackets have more space to hide cans and markers and shit. Also, don't worry too too much about keeping your cans warm...if you're using the shit brands with more aerosol than paint, the cold will lower the pressure...which certainly isn't a bad thing. That's my 2.869000001 Cents.

    Yeah, Flash...that shit was COLD. I was gonna hit some trains and said "Fuck that..."