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Tips For Painting In The Winter

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by bigtakeover, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Lester Berns

    Lester Berns Senior Member

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    Just over 3 hours... fat caps are key on a cold day
  2. Moderator

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    word. nice piece.
  3. hazetheone

    hazetheone Elite Member

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    yea thats doper than dope
  4. lololzheffer

    lololzheffer Senior Member

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    fresh lester berns of belaire
  5. rave905

    rave905 Senior Member

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    yeah thats sweet bro
  6. NEKEL1

    NEKEL1 Senior Member

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    some mite say this looks a lil too bate but i still wear it when its too cold try find one of these i got mine from a stall in brixton:

  7. BizerkIZ

    BizerkIZ Elite Member

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    if its so cold your paint stops working (due to aerosol molicules moving slowly due to the low temperature)

    put in a scarf in your bag, fresh of the radiator, and check in a few of those handwarmers, crack em and stick em in.. then boil when you need to use again.

    but doesn't get that cold down here. ;)
  8. TheKors

    TheKors Senior Member

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    Lots of thin layers is proven to be warmer than a few thick layers.

    FACT. ;D
  9. Teez-EmM!!!

    Teez-EmM!!! Elite Member

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    argggg i cant see the piece
  10. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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    on the weekend i went bombin
    it was like -22c
    but i had 2 shirts, a hoodie, and a big winter coat, but my hands, legs and face were FREEZING
    and i think im going bombing in like snow pants next time
  11. -Leski

    -Leski Senior Member

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    Edmonton is fucking cold right now its been down to -30 c with wind chill this past week.

    Thermal underwear.
    A scarf or pull on neck and lower face warmer.
    Hoodie + jacket or bigger hoodie.
    Hat or other head warming device. Hood over top.
    Gloves, buy mechanic winter gloves if its really fucking cold out. They cost a bit but you get warmth and dexterity.

    And you'll live.

    Jeans are not a good idea, not during the winter.

    The Gloves
    [Broken External Image]:
  12. MFGrimm

    MFGrimm Senior Member

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    best idea ive used is to put on a pair of socks, then put each foot inside a grocery bag, then another pair of socks over each foot....Nobody has to know you got bags on your feet...

    Keeps your feet dry which keeps them warmer.
    Got mad snowfalls out here right now.
  13. crik

    crik Senior Member

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    pure genius.
    we just got 2 feet up in minnesota over the weekend. blizzard tonight i guess.. hopefully the snowplow doesnt block my car into the driveway again. shoveling fuckign sucks.
  14. MFGrimm

    MFGrimm Senior Member

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    liquor. can't forget liquor. someone had to of said that already.
  15. crik

    crik Senior Member

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    hot chocolate!
    hand to balls contact!
  16. NEKEL1

    NEKEL1 Senior Member

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    lol hand to balls contact wont work wile painting
  17. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

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    no liqours reli bad makes ur blood vessels wider-loose more heat
    and im indubayyy so its all guud winter temp at nite ie like 16C
  18. MFGrimm

    MFGrimm Senior Member

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    i don't give a shit. Makes me think im warmer, by the time i realize otherwise, i'll be too drunk to care.
  19. Set17

    Set17 Senior Member

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    aw i tried hitting a wall but it had snow all over it so it didnt quite work
  20. Jet

    Jet Elite Member

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    move to Miami