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Tips For Painting In The Winter

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by bigtakeover, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. MFGrimm

    MFGrimm Senior Member

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  2. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

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    fair nuff
    fits in with ur sig:p
  3. MFGrimm

    MFGrimm Senior Member

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    Oh I will for sure, Right after The US fits that statement on it's flag.
    That's about as likely as Americas obesity percentage going below 60...

    Edit: Ripping on Americans is cliche, I apologize.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2007
  4. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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    Be well layered and when your hands are freezing put them in your armpits or/////swing your arms around like a windmill. It makes the blood flow to them and warms em a bit.
  5. >HipHopism

    >HipHopism Member

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    tips for clothing and staying safe in the winter.....
    1. Were two shirts with a heavy jacket
    2. Were hiking boots...not all out constructions
    3. Were a scarf over your face and a hat is good with a hood
    5. Post up on the highways
  6. Rots takes your Daughters

    Rots takes your Daughters Elite Member

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    Painting when it's snowing is the best- Wear a big ass jacket with pockets on the inside for paint and no one thinks anything of it. No one will think shit if you're wearing gloves either, it's winter. .....Beltons work well on icy walls too. Better than krylon anyway...
  7. ACKER

    ACKER New Member

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    Nashville is fucking insane... That UnderArmour works wonders here.
    It's about 25-30 degrees here now.

    At least this ain't Russia. People freeze in their damn sleep there. Seriously, go look it up.
  8. S!KE

    S!KE Member

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    i dont know if its just me but i start to heat up after i finish my fill ins and dont even feel the cold anymore. then again i'm from san jose, california. hahah
  9. djsupreeme

    djsupreeme Elite Member

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    cause u focus your brain away from being cold to doing the shit and not getting caught. if u dont think about being cold u wont be but if ur walkin around thats all u can think about really. just like when people say time flys fast when ur having fun, when ur doin shit your not thinking about what time it is but when you not doin anything, your focusing on the time which makes it seem like it goes slow
  10. jRez

    jRez New Member

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    gotta rock a ninja mask, under thermal pants and long sleeve, and regular cotton gloves...the ninja mask is key
  11. MFGrimm

    MFGrimm Senior Member

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    Was out tonight, in jeans and a hoodie and i give up. -10 outside. I'm using my snowboard shit now.

    Real Cold.
  12. nekid

    nekid Member

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    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. werd...underarmour = the best then a big ass northface jacket does the job
  13. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    we dont have REAL winters in central texas, but i do remember wheat pasting in the sleet a year ago. i liked it. kept my senses sharp.
  14. ekimboi1

    ekimboi1 Senior Member

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    Remember stay dry and stay warm!! and keep cans close to your body so there not so damn cold!2 pairs of socks, shell tops(for running) ski mask(you CAN get away with using it in the day!) thermal shirt,longsleeve shirt, then hoodie. thermal pants with JEANS over!!i was out yesterday in like 20 degree and i was warm with ^^^^^^that on! ps. gloves too!
  15. desincrustant

    desincrustant Senior Member

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    its better in the winter cause no one will chase you in like a foot of snow, and it gets dark at like 5-6pm.
    but i stupidly forgot my gloves and now my fingers are killing me..
  16. Rots takes your Daughters

    Rots takes your Daughters Elite Member

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    Shit last night I went out when it was snowing ... My feet froze and when I had to dip fast, the air was so thin I couldn't breathe. I didn't expect that shit
  17. whiskey_tpc

    whiskey_tpc Member

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    hit up a wall last night didnt realize how cold the can was untill i took of my glove the paint came out so thin nothing but drips fucking sucked it like beeded off the wall
  18. kermet_1

    kermet_1 Banned

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    yeah same thing happened to me :/
  19. T O K E

    T O K E Elite Member

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    i tried to put some slaps up and they dont even stick, i think its becuase the signs cold...
  20. otrfatcap

    otrfatcap Senior Member

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    Haha you should live in the south...wearin shorts n short sleeves can't go bombin without sweatin...