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Tips On How To Get Out Of A Bad Situation

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kaz1, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    when som1 saw u tagin, bombin, etc. wat did u do to defuse the problem
  2. Trap308

    Trap308 Member

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    shoot 'em......
  3. ghostbusta5

    ghostbusta5 Elite Member

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    get into the fetal position and cry (works everytime do it)
  4. Demitrix69

    Demitrix69 Member

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    Hide in the shadows (Its not just for video games, silly goose)
  5. lipn

    lipn Senior Member

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    bolt outta there if the have a car with flashing lights
  6. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    i was thinkin to spray em in the fac but that wuld be a waste of paint

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    flash your gat and share these words of wisdom
    "dont be a hero"
  8. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    r u gonna pull a gat from ur ass lol ;) :blink: " if it fits"
  9. Torrent

    Torrent Senior Member

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    I put my can in my pocket, and acted politely. He eventually just let me go.
  10. Z FUSE

    Z FUSE Senior Member

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    for heros just finish ur tag or w/e amnd walk away or if the guy says shit like u shuldn't be doin that, u say wat are u gonna do about it? and he'll say sumthin like i'll call the cops. just say ok go ahead. he probly won't do it cuz i dought he wants to deal w/ all the paper work all that. i'm sure he has his own buisness to worry bout. just walk away is wat i would do
  11. segway

    segway Elite Member

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    You put the lime in the coconut, and drink them both down,
    You put the lime in the cocount, you're such a silly woman!
    Put the lime in the coconut, and drink them both together,
    Put the lime in the coconut, and call me in the morning.

    edit: and its not the hero citizen who calls the cops who has to do paper work, silly woman. its the cops. if you called in a homocide, do you think theyd have you doing the paperwork?
    silly woman.
  12. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^ good idea dude
  13. Krylon bomber

    Krylon bomber Elite Member

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    pull a gun and kill someone.

    works everytime.
  14. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    also very good ideas maybe "if som ppl do it " kidnapp them ,, then tourture and steal they money (lets hope its som1 that looks like he has some $$$$)
  15. Kaz

    Kaz Member

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    i think i did good on this 1 and if tagin on a wall by a corner turn it and if the stupid ass is dumn enough 2 fallow jump and take they money
  16. ockid

    ockid Senior Member

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    i just teliport away
  17. JETc17

    JETc17 Elite Member

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    you dumbasses always wreck a thread

    if they see you, just keep on going
    if they holler at you, keep going
    if they holler, and start walking toward you, hurry up and beat it
    if they grab you, yell "He grabbed my dick, faggot!!" then beat it

  18. Slaze

    Slaze Senior Member

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    BOOK IT THE FUCK OUT OF THERE. 2 days ago i was onthe top of this parking structure and it was mid day light, so i finish one throw up, it wasent a totaly shitty one it had some fun colors and stuff, so i move my spot to do a little mroe complicated throw up cuz i figured if i can do one i have time for another, someone somewhere, i think out of an office building mabe yelled something.... so i got down 9 flights of stairs in less than a min. and was fine.

    also, if you got another guy with you, or girl i suppose, pretend to be making out (if girl makeout), cuz face it no ones gunna fuck with a gay cupple in fear of getting a lawsuit. and where im from its so libral and shit no one would care they woud be like o a gay cupple and keep goin.

    ... no im not gay.
  19. Nyc Sno

    Nyc Sno Elite Member

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    if some ones sees u , u run as fast as you can hop some fences work well bushes provide good cover and ifu can climb a tree that works good too
  20. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    dude u dont have to look at it its just for ppl (toys) who want 2 no