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Tips On How To Get Out Of A Bad Situation

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kaz1, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. MarkerFan

    MarkerFan New Member

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    You're best bet is definitely to run, if you hide nearby you just gonna get caught.
  2. whatsGRAF

    whatsGRAF Member

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    Personally it depends on the situation. If the person seems like they may not give a shit quickly finish. If they try to come at you or looked pissed as hell BOUNCE.
  3. no-sleep

    no-sleep Senior Member

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  4. toop

    toop Senior Member

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    depends who it is and if ya alone or not
  5. no-sleep

    no-sleep Senior Member

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    thats why if your in a bad situation u run, like the picture above just get the fuck out if ya need to
  6. DrunkenGrizzly

    DrunkenGrizzly New Member

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    Totally just run. Know your escape route before you start painting and have a back up route. Run the route and you should get away just fine. If you get caught, I'm not sure. Don't be a dick I guess. And apologize.
  7. Arose.One

    Arose.One Elite Member

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    why are you offering advice on how to avoid getting caught when in the other thread you said you don't even write?
  8. KingPush

    KingPush Member

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    A: always have excape route-- B:if you're holding a fairly empty can (or just value your freedom) throw it at their face and run and don't stop until you're so far you can't even be associated with the wall you were at.
    I've been caught and it's fatal to a name if the pigs in your area keep up with them well.
    If it's just a hero citizen can that bitch and run
    If it's a cop sprint and don't stop go down every alley. Remember you're outrunning his radio not that fat donut eater
    If it's the owner of the wall (business, abandoned house) be cool if there's already a lot on the wall he may just be bitching at you. they probably know the cops wont make it time, otherwise ..... run...

    so run
  9. SENDone905

    SENDone905 Senior Member

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    I've only had someone do this once when i was bombing with my homie and we just walked away until we had an exit route and the guy just left.
  10. Free Bacon Yo!

    Free Bacon Yo! Member

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    what about having some roman candles or smoke bombs or other firework with you? that will be illigal aswell but you may have some time to leave coz the guy is like wtf is going on here?!
    and what about giving him some cash, dont have to be that much i think.

    Never did one of these thinks but i was thinking about it now and wanna know what you guys think of it. Let me hear.
  11. Cyco

    Cyco Senior Member

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    Fireworks on a hero would only attract other people and ofc cops. If cash theyll want ofc like 50$. He knows you would have to pay way more, you either pay him 50, or government 500

    Do Heros in US really front u if u are like 3-4 people? Here theyd be scared as fuck. Even if you arent looking at them they walk faster and hope u dont turn around
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2013
  12. xBOTx

    xBOTx Senior Member

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    Step away from the wall, Stand in shadow, make awkward eye contact with pursuer, he turns and walks away, I turn and finish my business...simple. And if they get bold then they can see what paint in the eyes feels like and a week of boxing lessons does. lmao
  13. Bad_Luck

    Bad_Luck New Member

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    It also pays off to carry extra clothing. I was chased the other day on some tracks. After I could not see they guy anymore I stashed my bag in the woods, took off my jacket, un cuffed my pants and put on a fake pair of glasses that I carry with me when I paint for eye coverage ( which clearly did come in handy). The only place to go was through the woods onto a main road or jump a fence into a baseball field that has a river on the other side. When I got to the station to get of the tracks the dude rolled up in a truck with a police car behind him. I walked up to them, the dude asked if I saw anyone. I said I saw a man with a teal windbreaker on jump the fence. The guy told the cop that was the person and I walked away. It pays off to stash your shit and change your clothes.
  14. slothy

    slothy New Member

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    keep your head low and run. Where I'm from the cops will beat you. It might be worth practicing parkour or free running in order to make sure you get away with a clean slate
  15. Romanrep

    Romanrep New Member

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    Learn to run mate, I used to run track so I like to just run.