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Tips On How To Get Out Of A Bad Situation

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kaz1, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. basq

    basq Member

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    prank man that throwie in ur sig .. is that yours ??? if so stop writin now ! .. fucin whack
  2. DynamiteBoy

    DynamiteBoy Senior Member

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    everyone starts somewhere. stop hatin
  3. prank

    prank Senior Member

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    no dude thats my old sig i used to do it but that one is the first one i did it rly sucks but i dont even write prank anymore lol
  4. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    im bored lol
  5. Zire

    Zire Senior Member

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    Dunno why ppl try to act hard like, i would stab them or pull a gun out coz u obviously wuoldnt. U wud just fuking run, its bad enough getting caught doing graffiti without assault on top.
  6. underground_culture

    underground_culture Elite Member

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    to get saway from bad situations

    i use my rocket propelled fart action
  7. umop 3pisdn

    umop 3pisdn Senior Member

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    Ok first you gotta act like you got a tick or somethin, like the army did this expirement and it went horibly wrong aight?

    "BACK UP"
    "BACK UP"

    "mind ya buisness das all, jus minda ya buisness"
  8. Kaz1

    Kaz1 Member

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    to get out of a bad situation u culd cut off ur dic and throw it at the cop lolz like on mind of mencia
  9. Premier-one

    Premier-one Senior Member

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    haha fresh prince!
  10. MENG!

    MENG! Senior Member

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    u never said the ladie saw them get out of that car they could have walked around for 2 hours a different person could have came and picked up the car coulda switched them if they did get pulled over they could have said it was the car next to us maybe liek kaz 1 said think outside the box [/b][/quote]
    This is if she in fact, did get the license number. It all depends on if she saw people get out of the car, or even have enough eyesite to see that far. Alot of people bluff, but who knows.

    But yea, do your thing till someone starts saying shit or is comin after you. Ive met a few people that are down with it, and just wanted to watch.
  11. Enuf'06

    Enuf'06 Member

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    Some people can be complete assholes though no matter how polite you are. But thats a good way to get out of trouble is to be really nice and if that fails just book it.

    Like someone said earlyer alot of people bluff like mother fuckers, and if someone does call the PO's on you it takes them a LONG time to get to you.
  12. WAKE-1

    WAKE-1 Senior Member

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    pull out ur switchblade coz ur a gangsta...theyll leave ya alone
  13. vare_187uk

    vare_187uk Senior Member

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    this thread sort of explains it self in one big way

    the title is

    tips on how to get outta bad situation right!!!

    one big arse tip

  14. screw_loose

    screw_loose Elite Member

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    small price to pay for not going to jail.
  15. Paint Magic

    Paint Magic Elite Member

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    take it easy trane
  16. WAKE-1

    WAKE-1 Senior Member

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  17. ner_one

    ner_one Senior Member

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    grab my ball sack and throw cheese at them
  18. "REACT"

    "REACT" Member

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    yo ok so me n my friend are doin throwys along this huge wall aloong this bike path where alot of people walk home from the subway. so were doin throwies n shit and my friends got his hood up so he cant see ne thing to the left or right so im kinda lookin everyonce in a while but im like fuck it so i just do my throwie and were about half way done when i hear someone walking towards us. so im like yo yo to my friend but he cant hear me then he looks and we're both staring at this lady and we both got our cans raised cuz we thought is was like a cop or sumthin so she looks all scared and shes like "sorry" so we look at eachother and were like fuck this and we finish our throwie right while shes walking by. and when shes pretty far away im like hey sorry and shes like "Ha its not like it doesnt exist someones got to do it." and she kept walking...... scared the FUCK out of me. Im suprised she was so cool w/ it
  19. yakrian

    yakrian Senior Member

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    Throwys... Throwies...Make up your mind bro. :unsure:
  20. umop 3pisdn

    umop 3pisdn Senior Member

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    Alright, so it was after school....I usually play basketball with acouple of my friends at this park nearby my's a kinda bad nieghborhood.
    So in about the middle of the game, acouple of guys came up and where just eyeing me and my friends, we just ignored them for abit until they just started playing on the same FUCKING court!!!!1
    This pissed me and my friends of my friends yelled,"Fuck off!" ..they just knocked the ball out of my hand and that just pushed me to my last nerve...
    I punched the guy in the face and he just kicked my ass. My friends did alittle better than me, but I feel like the assholes won.
    So I walk home like I usually do but with an injured face and arm....I get to my house, and my mom is outside sweeping the porch and she see's my face...I guess she got scared because she said,"you’re moving with your aunte and uncle in bel-air."
    I whistled for a cab and when it came near the Licensplate said fresh and had a dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare But I thought now forget it, yo home to bel-air.