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tips on racking paint?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by QUEEZ, Jul 30, 2014.

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  1. QUEEZ

    QUEEZ Senior Member

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    I need some tips or help racking cans should I do all in one go or over the week and occasionally buy like drinks where I'm racking so they don't catch on
  2. SEKU

    SEKU New Member

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    All in one go. If you spread it out, they'll get savvy. Rack a bunch in one trip, don't go there again for several months.
  3. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    Just do what you feel comfortable with. everyone has different methods.
  4. loonaii

    loonaii Elite Member

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    Looking at ur blackbook stuff you probably shouldn't be painting yet anyways. But grab a basket at wAll mart fill it with paint and walk out the door. Works everytime
  5. ZorkOner

    ZorkOner Member

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  6. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    Rather than starting another thread, I am gonna have to say I need help racking some too. I was thinking about going at my local walmart, but I feared the cameras to much, as well as the security towers at the entrance. I also wasn't sure because the people that greet you at the door(which actually are there to ask for your receipt on expensive things) are always there and since winter is coming, they closed the doors to the gardening center. I know I'm not ready yet, I just need some for practice before I am ready. :eek:
  7. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Rule #1: Don't get caught.
  8. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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    depends on the amount of cans ur trying to get. just do what you feel comfortable with.
  9. THE SGD

    THE SGD Member

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    I haven't racked from walmart, but want some paint. I also want some prismas and copics from michaels because crayola and sharpies aren't working for me. I haven't racked from either place, because of the security towers. :/
  10. xBOTx

    xBOTx Senior Member

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    security towers only pickup expensive shit that has a little sticker sensor somewhere hidden within the product. Markers and paing arent expensive enough to worry about using those sensors. I have gone to michaels, and am actually going right now. My method is that I have to buy at least one thing. Hope this helped bro.
  11. Knoxgraff

    Knoxgraff New Member

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    Ok here's what I usally do.

    1) take a fast food cup (not a clear one) cut a slit in it. Then fill it up with markers.
    2) take a clinch bag and put it on your chest and throw a big jacket on top. Then fill the bag up then zip up your jacket.
    Walk in kinda fast and cut through illes.
  12. badder boy

    badder boy Senior Member

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    use a highly trained rat to smell out the paint and put it on its back and carry it out of the store

    only problem u can only do one can per rat at a time but if u have alout of them u can clear shelves easy
  13. Eor1123

    Eor1123 Member

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    Keep your head down, fill up your backpack with cans and run out of the garden section. If you're only getting a few cans, buy somthing and put magnets on the bottoms of the cans so they don't make noise. And just be careful...
  14. Dare 2 Be Different

    Dare 2 Be Different Member

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    I want to rack from Michaels, just copics and prismas but I fear the cameras to much, the security towers are fine because they don't put RFID on stuff under 30$
  15. Wank oner

    Wank oner Senior Member

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    @dare2bedifferent i have same problem just wear a cap that covers your face or wear a bucket hat
  16. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Always put the paint down the front of your pants.
    If a clerk asks what it is, tell them it's your penis.
  17. Skip.MKE

    Skip.MKE New Member

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    Holy shit man thanks I never knew about the magnet thing.. now when im running with paint in my bag people wont look at me lmao