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Tracked based on paint used

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by airbreather, Oct 7, 2019.

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  1. airbreather

    airbreather New Member

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    Now this is probably me being paranoid as fuck but I was thinking about this. If you do graffiti and there is absolutely 0 evidence connecting you to it other than the paint itself, could you potentially be tracked? Now I know in most cases no one gives a fuck but POTENTIALLY, could investigators determine what kind of paint was used, down to the chemical makeup of the paint and connect it to a specific brand? I'd assume each brand of paint has a chemical makeup slightly different than all others. If police/investigators had access to a database of all this information from the most popular and commonly used sellers, could they simply connect the dots, get the companies' records of recent sales, and track potential suspects? Or is it physically impossible to identify the paint after it has been sprayed? Thanks for any responses, this is my first post on this forum. If its in the wrong place, I apologize.
  2. PeskDos

    PeskDos Elite Member

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  3. Kaps2

    Kaps2 Elite Member

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    I guess there is no actual serious crime for them to worry about other than some paint on a wall so yes if I were you I would dig a hole underground wear tin foil on my head and stay there for a few years.
  4. Drapes98

    Drapes98 Member

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    I don think they could catch you for that
  5. airbreather

    airbreather New Member

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    Say it was a serious crime though. Like graffiti on the white house. Which would obviously be impossible to do. This is all hypothetical. My question is if its physically possible for like scientists and forensics and shit. Assuming theres no traces of anyone being there other than the paint itself
  6. Sk.Spooky

    Sk.Spooky New Member

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    Physically possible - yes (If you paid with plastic and they could be arsed to look for you).
    Moral of the story - Pay with cash when buying your special sauce :)
  7. Drapes98

    Drapes98 Member

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    Yeah what he said
  8. cojema

    cojema New Member

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    The analysis part seems likely, but it would be too hard to go from there. What if you buy paint with cash or have an old can for like 5 years?