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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by CHILLEN905, Sep 25, 2004.

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  1. Moccis

    Moccis Member

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    Anyone got blank stickers in Europe? Some good waterproof ones?

    PM me
  2. JusMe

    JusMe Member

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    Still got the 7 roll of stickers for sale/trade. Hit me up. Also got 30 empty O-ink markers with mo-hair nibs.

    ZIK_ONER Senior Member

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    If anyone's got a shitload of blank stickers in Europe hit me up (Sale)
  4. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    if anybody's up to a sticker trade then pm me
  5. baykid

    baykid Member

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    looking for do em dirty inside job blue

    also got 2 used mini wides and 2 brand new mini wides, taking offers on those
  6. JusMe

    JusMe Member

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    No one is looking for stickers or empty mops? I cant believe this. :)
  7. Swampmonstar

    Swampmonstar Member

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    anyone have any american accent teal's or mango's? also any marrygold painters touch if anyone has any pm me please

    ALSO painty makers. i need them also.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2012
  8. defaultlegend

    defaultlegend Member

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    If anyone wants blank hello my name is....stickers and post office stickers I'll trade for markers email me [email protected]

    FTP_BOIZ Banned

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    tradez up for pilots and slaps

    BEDAROC Senior Member

    • Messages: 365
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    I have a graff shop in stockton ca anyone in the area get at me and lets set up a trade or email me for more infoe on where its at... [email protected]
  11. gcrolla

    gcrolla Elite Member

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  12. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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  13. STOXY

    STOXY Senior Member

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    yo i have a otr calligraffiti marker with about half of the ink still in it been used a few times dont like it im happy to trade for anything youve got hit me up safeeeee
  14. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    im pretty sure that counts
  15. Faymos

    Faymos Senior Member

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    Last edited: Jul 23, 2012
  16. boxcutter.

    boxcutter. New Member

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    Got: Do Em Dirty Inside Job Blue/Black, empty NY mops, all sorts of empty and full mop stuff, Fresh Paint, Montana Paint, some markers and shit

    Looking for: a packet of Golden Virginia rolling tobacco, caps, old cameras, BLANK STICKERS, non blank stickers, random art its all good
  17. ealkrab1er

    ealkrab1er Member

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    I have 250 us postal stickers all blanks Hmu for trades for anything
  18. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    Last edited: Apr 17, 2017
  19. kroc_oner

    kroc_oner Elite Member

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    can anyone get a ton of those reflective stickers? and we work out a price
  20. Messer

    Messer Senior Member

    • Messages: 434
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    hahaha golden virginia rolling tobacco? you english? i'll hook you with some if you got any paint pens?