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Trains and tracks

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by OSKAR, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. foureyes

    foureyes Senior Member

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    Wats up with painting loaded auto racks. Will the paint hit the cars in side? Im not trying to heat up my lay up.
  2. Werse

    Werse Elite Member

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    I wouldn't do it.
    Stick to empty ones.
  3. planetaryduality

    planetaryduality Senior Member

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    ttx panels are perfurated so yes.
  4. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    Lick every rail, It'll only hurt for a second, and your friends will know what rail is live.
  5. cheesegril

    cheesegril Elite Member

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    from what i know,which isnt too much. i just always listen and look around alot, but if your near one of those light post things that sorta looks like a street light, red. if its red im pretty sure that means its going to be live very soon or it is live while its red.? shit i drive my snowmobile, dirt bike down the middle of the tracks all the time. hahha no way to hear any thing at that point. just gotta be on your toes. usaully i'm going faster then a train so i know it wont hit me from behind look straight ahead hahaha the faster you go the less bumpy it is too. if your worryed about getting hit by a train you shouldnt be painting at the tracks. when i hear storys of people being hit by trains. its like man fuckin guy must have been some drunk or fucked up because trains a loud as fuck. i hear them for miles. its those fuckin cp trucks with the rail wheels on them that are scary. you dont hear them and before you know it the guys beeping the horn hahaah
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2009
  6. TheMurderousMisterMero_

    TheMurderousMisterMero_ Banned

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    trains can sneak up on you real quick especially if you near a bend in the track.ive had them sneek up on my on 3 different occasions.almost got hit a few times from not paying attention and i just barely missed gettrng thrown off a train about 2 weeks off right as they were starting to hump them or whatever.heard a loud bang and watched the train go flying back like 30 feet.scary shit.bottom line is if you dont know what your doing around freights then do go near them.
  7. proNYNJA

    proNYNJA Senior Member

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    when i paint at the tracks i paint like a block away from where theyc ross a street so i always know when they comming cuz they are required to honk when going through the crossing, so basically i only gotta look one way.
  8. seT1

    seT1 Member

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    I ran across the tracks hit a tag on some electric box and started walking back.. and a train come and stupidly enough i ran infront of it.. nearly hit me, never been so pissed off with myself before.
  9. Think_before_you_paint

    Think_before_you_paint Member

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    show some respect you piece of shit. if you had ever painted deep in a real yard with 10+ lines you'd have seen that dodgeing trains isnt the fucking easiest thing when all the lines are live and have trains humping and being moved in both directions. Real people have died for this shit. not dumb fucking piece of shit dumb toy kids like you who live their graff life on the internet. REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL STYLE FUCKING AND REAL FUCKING LIVES HAVE DIED FOR THEIR GRAFF AND NOT BECAUSE THEY WERE FUCKING DRUNK OR STUPID. show some fucking respect for the people who in death are way fucking better at graff than you will ever be in your life. I hope you do get hit by a train riding your dirtbike down the tracks you fucking dumb piece of shit. keep painting your fucking toy shit stok and hopefully one of these days you'll trip and loose an arm and maybe you'll fuckin stop and think about the shit you do before you waste the rest of the time you have on this earth A) painting shitty graff, B)talking shit on the internet like an idiot even though most of the time you have NO idea what your talking about.

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2009
  10. klic

    klic Elite Member

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    how do you drive a snowmobile on train tracks
  11. TrikAssHoe!

    TrikAssHoe! Senior Member

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    i'm not tryin to be a dick or anything but what are you talking about with the plants and shit at the bottom?
  12. OOPS!

    OOPS! Senior Member

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    That's some chuck norris shit.
  13. NepNEEKgraffing

    NepNEEKgraffing Member

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    mad respect to u man
  14. .nolove.

    .nolove. Senior Member

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    yall *****s needa really stop just leaving your cans and shit lying around the yard.its a quick way to shut that shit down.and dont write on the walls INSIDE the yard.are you fucking stupid? there is PLENTY of walls outside of the lay up that you could be hitting dont fuck my shit up.and for gods sake DONT PAINT THE ENGINES! EVER!
  15. west-dmk

    west-dmk Member

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    can someone explain the basic need to knows about frieght yards because im still scoping around my yard checking out how many lines there are and what types of train dock there most often and whos there in the daytime (its a chill yard im probably only writer there) but i dont know shit! i know the names of different types of cars and about tracking numbers and hopping and hobos but are the rails electric? i never stepped on one
  16. .nolove.

    .nolove. Senior Member

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    if its freight then no their not electric.if your going into the yard always ALWAYS watch your back and stay safe.and clean up after yourself.dont leave anything behind that might alert the workers that someones been painting their.cans,tips,etc etc.dont paint over the numbers unless you want to get stamped.dont test paint on the tracks,dont ever EVER paint the engines.ever.that shit is whack and heats it up for all of us.dont ever crawl under a train to get across and dont stand on the couplings.if that train moves,even a few feet your fucked and its happened to alot of people.dont go crazy either.dont paint every car you come across.someone will notice it probably and might up the security there.and most importantly dont get caught.and trains can sneak up on you if your not careful so keep an eye out.i advise agains listening to your mp3 or whatever when your bombing for this reason...
  17. west-dmk

    west-dmk Member

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    are we talking about subways or freights? and are freight rails live with electricity?
  18. uber-lulzzz

    uber-lulzzz Senior Member

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    it depends on what kind of steel your going to hit..

    Passenger trains- you'll notice they have the over head wire so they dont have a live wire on the tracks.

    Subways - DO have live tracks so i'd stay well away from them!

    Freights - some dont... some do!

    but you can always stick with my number one rule..Dont step on the tracks! hop over them!
  19. klk79766

    klk79766 Banned

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  20. kickapig

    kickapig Senior Member

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    your pretty much fucking stupid......