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Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by CashFlowJoe, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. DENO.ONE!

    DENO.ONE! Senior Member

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    wait wait what karma are talking about ?? Apk karmas? Or the other karma? but there both good
  2. Spark391

    Spark391 Senior Member

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    Sorry for not posting flicks, but I just have to say that tagging homeless guys is fucking retarded.
  3. Kaze

    Kaze Elite Member

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    I LOL'd at that picture..

    SEKACSM Senior Member

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    time for a change

    prepared by: VA1595 DAWES, Andrew

    biting (copying)
    It is recognized that a tagger does not assume the tag of another tagger. This is considered as one of the LOWEST acts within the graffiti sub-culture. Occasionally one person will bite another persons tag but it will never look the same as when the owner writes it. That is because of the extensive practice the owner does to perfect the style.
  5. jooot

    jooot Senior Member

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  6. Indigoblue

    Indigoblue Senior Member

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  7. tsr

    tsr Senior Member

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  8. alykhan

    alykhan Member

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    im obviously talking about karmas apk. deno u have a bad taste in graffiti. toys r invultrating the yards its a disgrace only a matter of time before freights r ruined.
  9. jooot

    jooot Senior Member

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    hahah those flicks are harsh.

    but when your a toy you dont really know not to, no one teaches kids these day the rules of graff so you cant totaly blame them, i did the same, but ive learnt from it.

    Karmas APK is a very good writer, some of the best hand styles out there, stop talking shit if you aint got shit. flicks or shut the fuck up.
  10. jackie moon

    jackie moon Member

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  11. flamingflamingo

    flamingflamingo Member

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    those freights aren't worthy of this forum, comos and those kids are soon to be shown...:mad:
  12. Tazney

    Tazney Senior Member

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    Those comos fr8's are about as toy as it gets.
  13. pooshoes

    pooshoes Member

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    I've seen some of comos throwups and bombs around burnaby, there accually pretty alright. I think sometimes young, fresh writers want to make the jump from walls to trains a little too quickly this is ok I mean he'll just get painted over. Hes obviously trying to do things he dosent quite know how to do yet, but give him time he'll be alright he's just gotta go through that shitty, rotten phase where he's toyed out. Rember it is a hard process getting what you sketched to look like what you paint its all the creative process. He'll get his grips.
  14. pooshoes

    pooshoes Member

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    Alot of the time you see young writers really quick to start crossing outher young writers out. I'm talking mainly about erie, i see this guy wiping out other peoples tags left and right and i have also seen his work.....he's on his way......but he still needs work. Young writers really need to humble themselves earley before all this beef early in their career gets them into trouble in the future. When you beef too much and compete way too hard you get tired and it shows in your work....I see that erie is with BHG and bla bla bla, but judge this guy by his work not his crew.
  15. pooshoes

    pooshoes Member

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    i dont mean to preach, but check yourself and your perspective from time to time..

    word up
  16. R.I.P.kost

    R.I.P.kost Senior Member

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    Dont even crack about erie!
    His fists are made of bricks
    and im not talking about on the keyboard like you!!!

    Bare fucking witness to that shit
  17. tsr

    tsr Senior Member

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    You know everyone starts at the bottom and all that blah blah blah, I agree with that. But... now a days kids should know better period. Shit has been paved already and the basic rules have been set. Not only is he fucking doing garbage on trains he's destroying the spot he's doing them at, the kid need to be taught a lesson. whats that old saying, 3 strikes... yer out!

    strike #1
    View attachment 398796
    View attachment 398797
    that is a comos throw after the last dock door. Kids need to smarten the fuck up.
  18. pooshoes

    pooshoes Member

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    ha, I half expected some violent threats. I'm blaming gangster rap. Since it seems like there will be no locical debate from eries camp, i'll just take you kids as swamp of morons.
    As most people do.

    this is my last post
  19. Jenkins.

    Jenkins. Elite Member

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    Well that spot's blown.
  20. werdoner

    werdoner Senior Member

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    yall are buggin
    sitting too comfortable behind your computer screens.
    there needs to be more beef. a little healthy competition keeps the game fresh and everyone works harder to get up, get better, get get.
    on the real.
    shit, fights happen sometimes, that's the name of the game.

    View attachment 399052

    View attachment 399053