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Wat Do Ya'll Use For Light?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by bboy en din, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. bboy en din

    bboy en din Member

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    most of the walls i piece on have lights above them or there is sum kinda lite source...theres this one wall i hit up in the daytime and got caught but they let me go and i wanna go hit it up tonight to finish but theres no light source on the roof. ne ideas? and glow sticks blow...-din
  2. the infamous one

    the infamous one Elite Member

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    what about one of those little mag lites, small but there real bright
  3. Sier

    Sier Senior Member

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    take some one with you so he can hold a flash light .the big kind
  4. All_City

    All_City Senior Member

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    bringing a light is REAL smart, wish i thought of that...
  5. canaru

    canaru Senior Member

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    dont theplace have natural source of light.......... like sun
  6. Enygm

    Enygm Senior Member

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    lighting your spot is the best way to be seen and getting caught !
  7. neurosis

    neurosis Senior Member

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  8. indigo

    indigo Senior Member

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    ....a flashlight
  9. BeMo

    BeMo Senior Member

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    just have someone hold a flash light the ceiling...or down to the ground just giving off enough light to see, someone tries to sneak up on ya then grab ur shit n run......easy as that.
  10. mano

    mano Senior Member

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    one of those lil lights on a head band that go on your head
    its ill i use it all the time. it beats holdin a flashlight
  11. Zhero

    Zhero Senior Member

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    get a red lense for the light, harder to spot from a distance
  12. Yeah. You might just wanted to try using the moonlight...
  13. Dr!pZ

    Dr!pZ Member

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    moonlight is definatly tha way to go.. 1/2 moon tonight so there will be light
  14. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    well in montreal or any big city their is few dark places... uses very high contrast colors for one. silver can be a bitch at nite... and well piece during the day really...
  15. panic

    panic Elite Member

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    moonlight rules, other then that, adjust.
    dont bring lights, especially if you already got caught there.
  16. Atic

    Atic Senior Member

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    Bringing a light is something I would never do. It increases your chances alot of getting caught. I recomend peicing/bombing during the day.
  17. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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  18. SCORE

    SCORE Senior Member

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    there r risks of getting caught all the time, thats graffiti man..
  19. toy_ONED

    toy_ONED Senior Member

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    bring a glowlight....perferably red or it blends in with the wall...definatley not a flashlight, cause it brings to much attention.
  20. KwazOne

    KwazOne Member

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