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Wat Do Ya'll Use For Light?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by bboy en din, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. stigma 2k6

    stigma 2k6 Senior Member

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    yeah bring a big light so they see you great one but what i use ibring like a bic lighter or sumthin or use a cell phone for a sec it pretty bright and it looks pretty nomal i would only use a big light in a sewer tunnle or sumthing like that
  2. ow1

    ow1 Senior Member

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    start doing the fill really heavy coated in paint then light the paint on fire and do the outline then run like hell and hope u dont end up burning down the building

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    why is this thread alive again?
  4. Rushonez

    Rushonez Member

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    i use my mobile phone's light, works decent not to much light produced to be able to see it from a distance.
  5. MaZa#1

    MaZa#1 Member

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    take small flash light and put it on the ground near the wall like standing so the light comes down to up against the wall
  6. krylontagger

    krylontagger Member

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    i just bring a flashlite with me
  7. C H E N Z O

    C H E N Z O Elite Member

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    ye see wit a do is fart in a jar n then light it an quickly put the lid on. this way ye get a very bright light and also a timer as the fart only burns for say 6mins so ul no how long yeev been painting for.
  8. kaoss80506

    kaoss80506 Senior Member

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    why dont you just take those lights they use that go real high in the sky like the batman signal
  9. VAbomber

    VAbomber Banned

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    cellphone or fire
  10. Word Killa!

    Word Killa! Senior Member

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  11. Word Killa!

    Word Killa! Senior Member

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  12. SMTXgraffin

    SMTXgraffin Senior Member

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    moonlight, in 15 minutes your eyes adjust and u can see well enough to paint.... peace
  13. Mekas

    Mekas Senior Member

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    ^^^ Yeah, wtf i never knew writers brang lights hahaha. Meh. Maybe i should try it sometime.
  14. Nyc Sno

    Nyc Sno Elite Member

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    my advice is dont take advantage of a good thing if they caught u but let u go they could of brung u to the police station and then u know ... i would say dont go back find a different place
  15. zero_636

    zero_636 Member

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    one word nightvisiongoggles
  16. MaZa#1

    MaZa#1 Member

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    u have many nightvisiongoogles?
  17. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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    get a whole bunch of glow in the dark stickers and stick em somewhere where it could shin on your place to tag.. :lol:
  18. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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  19. Jersey Skillz - Joha

    Jersey Skillz - Joha Senior Member

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    I use a Glow stick... But not one of them cheap shits u buy at the skating ring.. I tried it once.. when i went writing by my self.. work good doe... - use the one from home-depo last 12 hours .. and if i dont have that i use my cell phone
  20. orangedot10021

    orangedot10021 Member

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    i have a really small petzl headlight thts really small and light, it has alot of different settings and the redlight setting is really good because its not as noticable and it doesnt hurt your natural night vision like normal lights, and obviosly its hands free, and u can also turn it on normal light thats brighter for doing technical stuff. check it out its called the petzl emergency headlamp