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Wat Do Ya'll Use For Light?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by bboy en din, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. nero122

    nero122 Elite Member

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    i can see quite good in the dark must be cos im ginger?
  2. TRIE1

    TRIE1 Banned

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    i can see fine in the dark but if i really needed light i would use anything i could get my hands on
  3. DKOZ

    DKOZ Member

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    I use a hand crank powered LED, so i just push down on it with my hand and it makes a bright fading light so even when im in the dark i get a glimpse o where im painting and which lines go where.
  4. AeRo_yadidimean?

    AeRo_yadidimean? Member

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    i use my phone lol. jus set the back light on for longer and press a button every once in a while.
  5. flask1995

    flask1995 Senior Member

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    fucking buy the prestiege edition of call of duty modern warfare 2, the ones that come with nightgoggles, and you'd fucking be like splintercell tagging up names and the police come and like you gone like a ninja
  6. Xfish

    Xfish Senior Member

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  7. Destroy2012

    Destroy2012 Senior Member

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    bumpin the dormant threads!!!
  8. Noz

    Noz Senior Member

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    i use my phone, but i usualy dnt need 2 much light
  9. Black Flag

    Black Flag Elite Member

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    I hate painting at night. Very few well lit spots. Daytime is really the only way to go. You look a lot less sketch walking around during the day, especially in strange areas.

    The only fun thing to do at night is just tag with mops/markers/whatever in normally busy residential/business areas.
  10. HaLo_07

    HaLo_07 Senior Member

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    Ya...donno bout you guys but why is it that the most commen sense ideals of doing graff are questioned...Why the hell would you bring light to an out doors spot...??

    Not like you can paint and hold a light and if you DID bring some one and you got a pack full o paint, a flash light and all that...what the hell are you tryin to do get caught and look like an idiot at the same time...??

    Remember somethin...Graff is about doin it at good spots but also keep in mind to use whats around you and try to bring as lil as possible.

    All in all, heres your answer to this dumb waste of a read thread.

    Use moonlight, and wait for the Moon to be in the right phase if anything, other than that, quit bein a pussy and do other spots in the mean time.

    There now we don't gotta waste anymore time in this stupid thread and get on with our lives.
  11. HaLo_07

    HaLo_07 Senior Member

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    Really dude...I'm gonna put this in my sig...This is why graffiti is goin down the fuckin drain. xE
  12. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    i live in new york city, light can become an issue haha
  13. writingis4life

    writingis4life Senior Member

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    moon light a flashlight is so obvious