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Weekly sketch battle -7sins 2

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by Bazer, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. snielsgreen

  2. kriskros

  3. ohsnap

  4. skeetz

  5. awwwgay

  6. halfstar

  7. anoy

  8. likerainbutnot

  9. viruz

  1. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

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    ***WEEKLY SKETCH BATTLE (Toy/Advanced) ***


    SPECIFICS: Must be one sketch, on paper. Give it a shot.

    DEADLIINE: Wed. September 10th

    RULES: This battle is for writers of any skill level, and the mod will determine advanced or toy. Two polls will be made one of toys and one for advanced. No digital modifications. One entry per person. Please send your flicks with the word of the battle in the title. if you do not im going to delete it. PM space is a needed.

    MOD IN CHARGE: Kid Bazer
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2008
  2. milfhunter

    milfhunter Elite Member

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    yo baze is there a battle for this topic not toy
  3. LikeRainButNot

    LikeRainButNot Member

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    hey baze wanna fix my entry?
  4. skeetz

    skeetz Senior Member

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    dont rly see anything great in any of em. couldnt decide between the two simples likerain and ohsnap so i flipped a coin. likerain gmv
  5. osnapizzel

    osnapizzel Banned

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    fuck that shit that coins corrupt!
  6. SOCA

    SOCA Senior Member

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    i didnt like any of em personally, but i went with anoy on this one.
  7. awwkayy

    awwkayy Member

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    ey baze what the fuck?


    yeah hopefully that was a mistake

    if not

    u r one mature dude

    ohh and i think skeetz shit was dank
  8. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    shut up fag alsoooo i cant see pics so i random voted n yeah is there an advanced one cos ill do my entry on the plane again ..:/
  9. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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  10. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

    • Messages: 5,139
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    i pitty the fool who thinks there no advanced one...

    awwwgay you voted for yourself... lol....... gay.
  11. Thrice

    Thrice Elite Member

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    Snap isn't showing for me, i'll vote once I can see his.
  12. Reason To-Shine

    Reason To-Shine Senior Member

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    anoy... next time you should put more arrows... 9 is not enough
  13. wider

    wider Senior Member

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    oh snap gets this one easily.
  14. fOrSaQeN

    fOrSaQeN Senior Member

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  15. mekosbc

    mekosbc Senior Member

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    good shit nsnap fucking limes cat ate up the charger to the comp so i didnt even bother doing it.... this was a good battle... i got you on the next one snapz...good shit
  16. Dukone

    Dukone Member

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    skeetz good work
  17. Sick!

    Sick! Senior Member

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    Skeetz bit off of Mr wiggs haha.
  18. skeetz

    skeetz Senior Member

    • Messages: 88
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    ^^ yea i used his tutorials for inspiration and didnt realize how much i bit till my friend told me yesterday
    was gonna ask to have it taken down since its not rly mine but didnt have time to ask yesterday too much hw
    just gonna go back to what i did before cuz even though it looks better like this its not gonna help me in the long run
  19. snielsgreen

    snielsgreen Senior Member

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    do u think if i woulda put in color i would got more votes?

  20. osnapizzel

    osnapizzel Banned

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    yeah prob look at skeetz its a prime example that theres still heads on this site that will vote pretty colors over, solid structure