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Weird Anti-graff Coating

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by MrCzar, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. kaoss80506

    kaoss80506 Senior Member

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  2. god414

    god414 Member

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    i tag in tons of yards from metro yeard in dc to fuck lumber cars in md man it proble just a test car
  3. eVoL

    eVoL Member

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    Now I dont mean to sound like a know it all but, I paint for a living not just bomb so I have seen alot of products. They have this clear coat and it can be placed on any surface. Like concrete, metal,wood, etc. They even sell it in a aerosol can. But stick it to the man, that shit runs 400$ plus a bucket, and it only lasts a few years or its not permanent. Used to be some shit they mixed in paint now its invisble graf guard. throw that shit up runny anyway, thats just old skoo' style
  4. theoldguardisdead

    theoldguardisdead Senior Member

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  5. toon_dragon

    toon_dragon Senior Member

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  6. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    once u finished ur bomb use that shit to go over it so they cant paint over the top :p
  7. Tode

    Tode Elite Member

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  8. MAC504

    MAC504 Member

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    that would be badass..
  9. AMW

    AMW Senior Member

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    Ive seen it, but i just use plasique paint on those kind of surfaces/anti-graffiti coated surfaces, it suks but heck im ambitious
  10. cord

    cord Elite Member

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    must be some kind of silicon, because silicon breaks down paint.

    silicon is paint's worst enemy.

    as far as i know there's nothing you can do if a wall has got this shit all over it
  11. MuramZA

    MuramZA Senior Member

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    I wonder how big that shit is gonna become? If, indeed, the product shows results, then its gonna be everywhere. I doubt it though.
  12. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    most cities dont wanna use it. its cheaper just to paint that nasty greyish almond color over it or have it buffed
  13. Karma

    Karma Senior Member

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    They used it in the tunnels around here. I went to but down a throw, and my paint was runny. I was pissed, so i shook up the can for about 2 minutes and tried again. Once it hit it wasnt as runny and drippy but it kinda turned out that way. So i hade to move fast so the paint would stain the surface, and not drip.
  14. What Happened to the Letters?

    What Happened to the Letters? Elite Member

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    obviously if you cover it in bucket paint they wont go, oh well since no ones paintign here we dont need to put repellant on...your an idiot
  15. Seek139

    Seek139 Senior Member

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    they wouldnt try that on the lines up here. All the crews would deff start destroying their cars and shit rippin doors open and burning package's.
  16. strife-306

    strife-306 Member

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    ive seen that man it sucks i did a throwie and it all sunk in the next day it like ate the spray paint it sucks so bad
  17. bomberman

    bomberman Senior Member

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    hmm if there is sum shit like dat..maybe its like really flameable..think about it =P i wouldnt mind settin a wall on fire or w.e dats coated wit dat shit..
  18. Cego3

    Cego3 Member

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    is it also reppelent to oil based paints like rusto
  19. joker00

    joker00 Elite Member

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    cant u jsut like chizzle it off then bomb it.............that wud take 4 eva but if it gets hot then thats wut we gonnna have 2 do
  20. stabbyjoe

    stabbyjoe Senior Member

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    obviously if you cover it in bucket paint they wont go, oh well since no ones paintign here we dont need to put repellant on...your an idiot [/b][/quote]
    huh? i dont get it