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Were Did U Get Ure First Can Of Paint And How

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by grandhonner92, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. grandhonner92

    grandhonner92 New Member

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    my first can of paint well its pretty funny haha
    i was in true value and i went to teh spray paint il and i was like hmm what color do i want couse i was only going out to do handtags so a sales person came up to me and was like what are you doing looking at the spray paint i said my dad was looking for somthing to make a sign for our yard with and she said oh ok so i hit the button on my phone to make it seem like it was ringing and so then i anserd it with hi dad adn iwas like ok you want white paint yep they have it so the girl walked away and i shuved 3 cans of white down my pants inpetween my belt and my stoumic and i left as i left i ran out and there were 2 cops outside so i spazzzed hahaha madd funny
  2. lets.go.paint

    lets.go.paint Member

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    first can of paint...hmmmmm
    Bout 6pm
    Walked into a $2 store, grabbed black and a pink shitty export paint. On the way back home me and a few mates were bit paranoid, so out of nowhere we just destroyed this bridge and used half our cans, then we all shit and went home, that was over 2 years ago now...
  3. be quick or be dead

    be quick or be dead Member

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    robbed mine it was a 150ml glow in the dark green
  4. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    1st can of paint ever, bought from albertsons(when the sold paint, back in '98) neon yellow
    1st can of graffiti intended paint dollar general, (had to pay a bitch tax, can of flat black)
    then i realised bitchtaxes were fucking gay, and i have been racking ever since.
  5. Tac*

    Tac* New Member

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    hmm... well my first paint i got from a car store haha!
    good old Australian export... i got a black and yellow.
    went straight to a tunnel and as i was doin the last letter i ran outta yellow... was so bummed but ive never gone back to finish it...
  6. littlejohni

    littlejohni Senior Member

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    from my old mans garage, they used to let me paint all over the inside walls of it when i was younger
  7. Rambooboo

    Rambooboo Senior Member

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    my cuz gave me some and got busted the same day on a wall
  8. toke_wdc

    toke_wdc Elite Member

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    racked my first can from a grocery store by my house. i didnt graff that much back then though, i used most of it to cover up all the scratches on my bike.

    *KNOTTY_BOY* Member

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    i racked it in a home depot i think it was rusto.... then i went out the garden section and i went to this tunnel close to that store and used it...
  10. .jug.

    .jug. Senior Member

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    Found It In My Garage
  11. BoMb-SqUaD

    BoMb-SqUaD New Member

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    My first time getting paint I had my mom go to walmart and get me that cheapest shit they had and met up with another writer at school and went out and did tags all night
  12. Seek38

    Seek38 Senior Member

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    I got my first can of paint when I was like 12 or something..I bought it at canadian tire, some real shit-I couldnt get the top off-I used to make a stencil on a piece of wood lol
  13. backpacker

    backpacker Senior Member

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    i racked some semi-flat black krylon from michaels.
  14. sky_one

    sky_one Senior Member

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    my first cans y stoled from a store y fill my bag with 9 cans and y run out of the store and some workers from the store came after me ...then y spend al my cans tagging around my city
  15. repsSDN

    repsSDN Senior Member

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    Gave money to some older kid to buy it for me from poundland hahaa.
  16. OPAK AK

    OPAK AK Member

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    from Candian Tire.i had skeched for like a year and i thought was redy to bomb shit. i borowed money from my dad and said it was to buy a can of paint to put a stencil on my skateboard.
  17. to apose gods and govts

    to apose gods and govts Member

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    i was gonna buy it but the ppl went toataly crazy on me and were gonna get the flatfoot outside to come in and gimme some kind of lecture i was no no thats cool i just leave wen they turned to look at the manager i knocked a can of paint inot my left hand and thanked god it didnt shake
  18. Dome27

    Dome27 Senior Member

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    my first can(s) of paint were from my grandpa... i used em for random shit...
    my first cans of paint for writing were stolen from a construction site.
  19. geritto

    geritto Senior Member

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    bought for skool project but it never made it to skool
  20. 0lick

    0lick Banned

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    First can ever held?

    school project, we built a styrofome palace and spary painted it

    First can ever got for graffiti?

    found on in my uncles van

    First can ever went bombin with "in the toy days"

    cuzin found a gold can in garage. i was doin "bombs" like 2x2' lol

    First REAL mission "not so toy days"

    climbed a middle school. bought 6black krylons and a few other colors