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What Are The Best Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by oneshokid, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. Cyco

    Cyco Senior Member

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    I doubt that it will cover OTR Calligraffiti GOLD
  2. wolfgang2142

    wolfgang2142 Senior Member

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  3. wolfgang2142

    wolfgang2142 Senior Member

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  4. mefisto

    mefisto Senior Member

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    MTN 94 marker worked for sure, covered everything, smells not really bad, and the chrome is very good.
  5. ur210

    ur210 Senior Member

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    cant go wrong with a jumbo marker
  6. SevenStickers

    SevenStickers Member

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    Personally, I don't think there is any best marker, they are all good in there own way if that makes sense.
  7. dudeatyahoo

    dudeatyahoo Senior Member

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    Man if u have a dollarama get a jumbo marker the in k doesnt chip as much as a joke. But if u want paint marker then get a molotow 1forall 627hs(biggest one for tagging) hope I helped! Whatever u get I hope u enjoy it man stay up.
  8. springbreak95

    springbreak95 Senior Member

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    best refillable marker is. jumbo pilot best for dirty drippy tags are bingo mops or window chalk mops pull the valve out fill and tag it up
  9. egerbe

    egerbe New Member

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    I haven't used the color-your-own-tarot, but you need a permanent pen if the glossy finish bothers you.

    I've always used fine-point Sharpie brand markers successfully. These days, they come in a variety of hues.
  10. aimL0W

    aimL0W New Member

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    Hard to buff OTR. Hands Down.

  11. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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  12. dodgy_david

    dodgy_david Member

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    Artline tempera poster marker. Legendary across Europe and Australia. Dump the paint out and put some proper homemade ink in. End of story.