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What do you do for Fun?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HitemUp, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Haxpax

    Haxpax Member

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    Watch good movies...

    Play FPS computer games

    Listen to music....Though I usually do that while doing just about anything else...
  2. Sadistic.Child

    Sadistic.Child Elite Member

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    i skateboard, bomb, touch myself(L), touch girls, do body paintings on girls, fuck em, watch a movie
  3. Subconcious

    Subconcious Senior Member

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    AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! I seriously laughed out loud. No joke... that's some funny shit.

    P.S. FPS sucks, go play some RTS.
  4. sc zombie

    sc zombie Senior Member

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    play guitar, run, paint... all that good stuff.
  5. geritto

    geritto Senior Member

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    try to lick my elbow or sit upside down and laugh at stuff
  6. Haxpax

    Haxpax Member

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    I play RTS too...I like FPS better...better for me to rage at/with...
  7. A//resistance

    A//resistance Senior Member

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    draw, play guitar, play w/ my kids, drink beers.. smoke cigs and bitch about the news.. bitch about work, bitch and bitch and bitch..
    lay around in my own feces and masturbate incessantly.
  8. Kaze

    Kaze Elite Member

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    Produce music, jerk off, play counter strike
  9. darkstar

    darkstar Senior Member

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  10. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

    • Messages: 694
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    right on that actually made sense...

    i forgot so much shit that i do for fun.

    my buddy's got this keyboard that turns into a drum machine. it's fucking sick. i fucks with that.
    i eat even if i'm not hungry.
    i ride the bus and look at my city. 2 dollars all day biieetttchhh
    i ride the bus to parts of my town noone's ever seen just to tag shit up with a meanstreak and i'll bring some cans with me and hit some practice spots during the day.
  11. shalf

    shalf Senior Member

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    go do parkour, go sketch, go out with friends and chill, or if I'm at home just sit on my PC and visit bombing science and various other websites
  12. ClaimRSM

    ClaimRSM Member

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    better yet.
    Find a girlfriend.

    when I'm not practicing/sketching.

    I'm chilling with my girl or friends and skateboarding
  13. SBOMBS

    SBOMBS Elite Member

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    fuckin like a beast
    listen to good shit when i draw
    doin stickers
    watchin a movie while cuttin my stickers
    gettin my balls licked by various females
    paintin in daytime with a cold beer and some rigs and smoke joints..... if my boy can plug his mixer and spinner shit is off the hook
    or else fuckin is fun
    roadtrips occasionaly
    blastin the shit out of ur frineds car stereo
    playin doom 3 or farcry
    rpgs (i used to)
    touchin myself if i dont have a hoe in proximity
    bs....i hate so much that i love to hate fun

    makin a ass outa myself infront of the bitch im gonna fuck
    protection free sex
    playin in fire or with fire
    playin with sharp and dangerous objects
    urban exploration
  14. ca$hville

    ca$hville Senior Member

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    chillin with da homies,chillin with da ladies,bombing late night,doing really big rollers,skate,football,basketball,movies,HIPHOP specifically underground,travel ,haha im about to leave to detroit in like 4 hours wit mah boy,bar-b-q,chill at the lake,halo3,madden online,fuck around at the mall ,spankin bitchs,fuckin bitchs,datin bitchs,beatin the fuck outa niggs that wanna front like a bitch
  15. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    lifgt weights when its my day
    chill with friends
    listen to music
    make stickers when watching a movie
    read a book
    watch porn. even though those 2 go hand n hand

    damn, i just noticed i dont have much to do. o well.

    and come on here and other sites.
  16. wafflecakee

    wafflecakee Elite Member

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    climb cranes. best shit ever.
  17. cds_dogg665544

    cds_dogg665544 Senior Member

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    when i read that i imagened meetwad saying that:p

    Sketch then get mad cus i mess up

    listen to music for a few hours and masterbate at the same time not realizing im masterbating

    pet my dogg or play with the kittens

    watch graffiti vid


    think about funny stuff and lol

    Watch TV.. thats all the stuff i can think of rite now

    oh and read BS and lol sometimes at the stuff people say
  18. +Hoodwigga

    +Hoodwigga Senior Member

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    and just what the fuck do you watch?
    for fun
    lift weights
    scam people
    watch jackass and repeat all the stunts
  19. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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  20. LAN3RTWO

    LAN3RTWO Senior Member

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