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What Not To Bring When Bombing.

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Shrink, Nov 25, 2004.

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  1. alexhate

    alexhate Senior Member

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    has anyone anywhere ever thought that would work or be a good idea.
  2. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    It was a joke...but actually, yeah. Someone mentioned it in the 'defence' thread I believe.
  3. DRONE_905

    DRONE_905 Senior Member

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    lmfao true dat
  4. AnoniMus

    AnoniMus Member

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    i carry cans, markers, stencils, and magnets. I put them underneath my cans so they become silent that way becos im small i can stash in a bush why'll the dumb ass cops runs into the middles of the orad wondering where the fuck i went.
  5. shie-ster

    shie-ster Senior Member

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    all i take is paint, markers caps and maybe a couple dollars. fuck all that "yo i bring a baseball bat incase i gots to fuk some neegr up, 5 switchblades, 200 dollars, a cell phone rockin muh soulja boi rangtone, and a prostitute"
  6. KAH

    KAH New Member

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    i dont bring:

    cell phone-only cuz if u get caught they peep ur contacts. n when i did get caught they kept my phone for 3months.
    Knife- double charge
    no more then 20$- moneys good in chases grab a cab n peace its worked for em a couple times
    wallet- leave ur ID's n all that behind

    I Bring

    cans, mop, skroller, primetimes, bandana, latex goves, and music helps when cops roll by u can jus pretend to be finding a song or sumthin. pretty much travel light cuz if u gotta run n climb shit a backpack and pockets full of stuff dosent really halp at all
  7. PROMO

    PROMO Senior Member

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    I kind of just figure out what I'm going to do for the night. If I know that I'm going to go bombing, I only bring a bag with cans, gloves, and a mask. Nothing to weigh me down. No wallet, phone or keys, just a couple bucks if want to get fallafel.
  8. ekyh

    ekyh Member

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    weapon, maybe a peper spray
    flashy clothes
    bag (plastic bag are the best thing ever!)
    dont bring alot of money cuz if ur getting taxed u gonna be emo.
    dont bring thing u dont wanna loose or break
  9. CHUB

    CHUB Senior Member

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    I bring my keys( I drive to the places), paint, wheatepaste stuff, and markers.

    This may sound like common sense, but if you get busted and you drove to the place, your car is gonna be sitting there all night(granted the cops dont find out its your car). This happened to me once and I forgot to lock my car, and had a good amount of shit stolen out of it.
  10. Aspyr510

    Aspyr510 Member

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    I bring a lamp post, 52 cup o' noodles, and a vibrator.
  11. Diostah

    Diostah Senior Member

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    I also drive to my spots. So I have to carry my keys. And I always carry like 10 bux in case I get the late nigh munchies.
    My paints in the trunk and I just put it either in my pockets or backpack depending on how many cans im taking.
    Oh and I always have my knife because "the freaks come out at night!"
  12. Lady LSD

    Lady LSD Member

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    don't forget your keys. i felt so fuckin stupid, out at 3am, locked myself out. my mom freaked out so now how am i gonna get out at night!? novice error :D
  13. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    I usually bring a messenger bag with my camcorder, 2 black cans, 2 white cans, 2 orange dots, 5 german outlines, 2 kiwi mops, 5 dollahs just in case I get thirsty or hungry and my house keys (I take them off the keychain) anything besides that seems pretty useless to me. Haha
  14. Zire

    Zire Senior Member

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    Some people take way to much. Your going to paint guys! You don't need shit like mp3 players!

    i Bring
    Money, marker, couple of stickers, paint, keys and my phone because it provides the time, light, camera and if police go past you can just pretend your on the phone. Oh and if your worried about them ringing your contacts install a pin code on your phone then turn your phone off before they get to it.

    Depending what area you live in i would say not to bring a knife, theres been a massive crackdown on knives in the uk since loadsa kids been stabbed this year. 5 years maximum just for possesion. Use your fists!
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2008
  15. CLEON316

    CLEON316 New Member

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    they make everything a drama scene
  16. gumball

    gumball Member

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    i bring
    -one of my friends to keep 6
    -2-4 cans for bombing (silenced)
    -phone on vibrate
    -a mop

    i cant think of anymore oooo i used to bring a 2 litre chocolate milk lmao
  17. scribblescrabble

    scribblescrabble Member

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    i stopped bringin rollers they take too much now i jus look for a clean spot rather than make one
  18. impulse555

    impulse555 Member

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    i bring
    toronto backpack(small)
    cans(pending what size and type)
    lighter(make a blowtorch)
    i dont bring
    wallet mp3(u cant hear ppl sneakig on u)
  19. tha wite rabbit

    tha wite rabbit Senior Member

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    depends where your bombin
    sketchy ass place:
    mad cans
    a spotter(wit a knife)
    a marker
    no id's and a phone
    car keys
    hi risk spot like in town:
    keep it light one or two cans
    a light color mop(silver) and a dark marker(black,blue?)
    20 bucks
    no phone
  20. illadelph

    illadelph Elite Member

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    Bring paint,1 mop,bus pass,cell phone.