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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by C-money fresh!, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. C-money fresh!

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    The other were full of bullshit talking. The first page has all the info you need, keep it that way. Fill this thread up with flicks, if you love wheatpaste so much, you should show us your pastes, not just your info. Any pointless talking will be deleted, if you have something you would like to share, we'll put it on the first page.

    Love C-money and Rogue
  2. smooth_nuts

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    i think this should be in here to
    So, you wanna know all about wheatpasting huh? Well heres how it is....wheatpaste is pretty much a glue made by graff writers to put up posters that will be NEAR impossible to tear down if pasted up properly....the glue is mainly comprised up of Water and works by first brushing/rolling the wheatpaste onto the surface you plan to paste your poster onto....brush the paste a little bit bigger than the poster itself, make sures its a nice thick coat on the smooth the poster down over it.....try to remove all the air bubbles, creases, etc.....try and make it as smooth as possible onto the just brush/roll a thin coat over the front of the poster (whatever paste thats left on your brush should be fine) to seal the poster to the wall....done! The paste will take a few hours to dry, but if its properly put up, it will be nearly impossible to tear down! Pasting is a great and easy way to get up, i mean....i could burn anybody with pasting because i could put up a 6 foot poster faster than they could finish a quick fill in.....interested yet?

    You wanna make some paste now? You ready to go bomb shit? Well you gotta make some posters first! ALWAYS REMEMBER: THE THINNER THE PAPER, THE BETTER...the reason why that is is because you want your poster saturated completely in paste, and the thinner the more pressed against the wall and more saturated in paste...Now, ive heard of a lot of diff. papers being used for posters, but i highly recommend the following:

    Newsprint: Probably the most ideal can get them from a printing press...they usually throw the last few meters of the roll of newsprint cause they cant use it in the machine...go talk to them! You can buy big pads of it at Hobby Lobby for like $6....

    Butcher Paper: Not so sure where to get this, but one side of it is waxed, so use the other side....good stuff though!

    Xerox Paper: Pretty much the paper that Xerox/Photocopy machines print on (no, not your A4 Home Printer paper...) this paper is used when making posters using the computer....we'll cover that later.....

    Wrapping Paper: Use the white side.....thin stuff! I can get a roll of it at the dollar store....

    Ive also heard of some people ripping out pages of the phone book, spray painting it white, and using that for handmade posters!....whatever floats your boat!

    Now for making have 2 options.....Hand-Drawn, or PC Made.....for Hand drawn, use markers that wont fade in the sun....Sharpie Paints, Pilots, Decos, etc...For PC made copies....print them at home and go get copys of it from a Xerox/Photocopy machine...i know it sounds pointless, but the paper is of better quality, so is the wont fade in the sun, and nor will the ink smear..... ....SO DONT USE HOME PRINTER COPIES! IT ISNT WORTH IT!!!

    When you make your posters, you want to paste with a want a good picture to draw peoples attention, and then words to explain it....or just doing karaks is fine too....i dont recommend signing your posters can only link you too more tags if your i dont recommend it....

    Now that you've made a poster, its optional to MIST a coat of Shellac or Clear Acrylic over the poster on both sides....but thats optional....

    Now you've got your poster....its ready to get your supplies! I recommend a brush if its your first time pasting, and then i recommend a roller for bigger jobs and higher spots.....i'd suggest getting a brush AT LEAST 3 INCHES WIDE! may want gloves to wear too! Nothing fancy....just get a pack of disposable wont regret wearing these.....also bring a dont wanna have to carry home a paste soaked as for storing paste? I would only recommend 2 routes...the squirt bottle, or the XL Fast Food looks very suspicious walking around with a bucket and a roller.....As for the squirt bottle, play it off! Cops ask, its a whey protein shake.....for the XL fast food cup? You just bought a milkshake and your on your way home! Here's how i would work for either:

    Squirt Bottle: Use either a dish soap bottle (with the sticker ripped off and the bottle cleaned of course!) or a Water Bottle with a squirt cap...this is what i use. Squirt an outline of the shape of your poster a little bit bigger than the outline of the poster itself....i'd say an inch or 2 bigger.....then just fill in the outline by squirting paste inside of the outline so its roughly filled with brush it all down nice and even....apply your poster right over the paste, press it down nice, smoothing it out trying to leave no air bubbles or squirt a thin line of paste an inch above the top of the poster, now brush the line of paste straight down over the poster, giving it a thin top coat....done! Now put the brush in the bag, and close the cap to your bottle.....

    For the XL cup: Goto McDonalds or some other Fast Food place, and get the biggest supersize cup they fill it with paste (not all the way to the top! 3/4 full) and put the brush inside of the cup, leaving the handle stick out of the straw just remove the brush (with the lid on the upper part of the handle, acting as a guard against splattering paste) and begin to paste out an outline bigger than that of your poster, make sure to dip the brush in the paste again if need want a thick coat on the wall! Then, apply the poster, smooth it out, and then apply a thin top coat like always....done! Put the brush back in the cup, and leave!

    So now, you've made your posters, gotten your supplies, and decided your container....whats next? The paste, thats what! Wheatpaste is SOOOO easy to make, its cheap, and you get a lot of bang for your buck! Here are the best recipes i have ever used....i recommend these recipes more than any other paste recipe out there!!!! But still experiment within reason! Also, when making paste, i recommend using a wisk! Great for getting out the lumps....and always add the additives when the paste is OFF the heat and COOLED:

    - Simmer 1 cup of Water
    — Pour one cup of All Purpose White Flour
    into 2 cups of cold water. Stir with wisk. Pour into
    simmering water
    -Stir thoroughly for approx. 3-5 mins on Medium heat. Now stop stirring for about 10 seconds....if a bubble rises to the surface of the paste and pops, then it has "boiled" and goto next step, if one didnt, then keep stirring and check for the bubble again every 1 minute until it occurs, then proceed to the next step
    — After paste has heated to a boil, switch stove to low heat and cook the paste for at least half an hour, at this point, the paste should have the consistency of vanilla pudding, stir CONSTANTLY and adjust as necessary: (Too thick, more water! Too thin, more flour!) It will become thinner and more transparent....
    — Upon reaching desired (smooth, pliable, and somewhat
    transparent) consistency, take paste off the heat and
    let cool to room temp by leaving it sit out, stirring it every 3-5 mins or so.... The optimal consistency of the paste at the end should be that of a Vanilla Milkshake....
    *Optional* After paste has cooled, add one of the Paste Additives listed below...

    -Bombing Paste Recipe-
    1 cup of Bleached White Flour
    1/2 cup of rice flour
    3 teaspoons of cornstarch
    2 cups of water

    Combine bleached flour, rice flour, and water in a pot
    on the stove on low heat. The mixture should be very
    watery. Stir the mixture constantly with a wire wisk
    until the paste begins to thicken just a tiny bit. This
    may take about ten min. Take the pot off the heat when
    you start to feel the mixture thickening. In a jar
    with a lid, combine three teaspoons of corn starch with
    a half a cup of water. Tighten the lid and shake the
    mixture until there are no lumps of cornstarch visible.
    Add the cornstarch mixture to the flour mixture and
    stir for another 2 minutes. Store in aitright container until use.
    ***Make sure you stir constantly!***

    Paste Additives
    Here are some good things to add to your paste to increase its performance....ADD THESE WHEN PASTE HAS COOLED DOWN TO ROOM TEMPERATURE AND NOT WHILST IT IS STILL HOT!!!

    White Sugar or Corn Starch: Add about a handful of either to your paste when cooled for added stickiness/strength!

    Wood Glue: Add LAST MINUTE (in other words, add it in the paste right before you leave to go paste....i'd say add 1 parts Wood Glue for every 5 parts helps increase its strength, and makes it more waterproof....

    Minwax Polyacrylic: An idea of my Polyurethane, it creates a stong clear finish....Make it waterproof, and a lot stronger....ADD THIS LAST MINUTE ALSO!!!!

    Clove Oil or Witch Hazel: I'd say 10 Drops per 3 cups will keep your paste from molding for longer....i'd say it would extend the shelf life with refrigeration to about 2 weeks tops....good stuff!

    That is really all i could mention.....for higher spots, invest like $10 for a nice roller with an extension pole to get those hard to reach spots.....DONT add crushed lightbulbs to your paste'll get charged with intention to harm a city worker too if your caught....USE ALL PURPOSE FLOUR instead of Wheat Flour.....more adhesive and no brown specks! ....There prolly more but ill add it later when this is posted up and stickied, and im not so tired....i hope this helped!

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  5. C3ZR ONE

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    I dropped this one yesterday. It's between 9-10 ft tall cuzz I only go up to her tit. The picture doesn't do the size justice at all. I'm real pleased with it.

    Since my crew (Okizoo) is so heavily music oriented, I wanted to hybrid the idea of how DJ's remix a song to visual work, so I took one of my favorite artworks and put my spin on it. I'm thinking about doing a series of "Remixed" works.
  6. tense

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  7. TheKors

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    If anyones ever made wheatpaste and hasnt already discovered this read it!

    NEVER leave it in the fridge for over a month. I came back after holiday and found it was yellow with green moulds and it was all furry.

    Just a warning before anyone follows.. Not nice.

    Oh and it stinks your fridge out of piss. As parents found out. :rolleyes:
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  9. cerex89

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  10. Enmity

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    about that long ... when i started i did wheat paste and stencils ...
  11. cerex89

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    Another Wheatpaste Tut

    This was taken from This is not my own work.

    Welcome to the world of wheatpasting. First off, what is wheatpaste? Wheatpasting is the process of putting up paper posters using a mixture of water and wheat. Ground breaking, I know. It isn’t the materials that are so fascinating as much as what you can do with it and how much it costs. So…lets get started.
    [SIZE=+2]Making the paste:[/SIZE]
    First off, materials…grab some flour. Cheap, no-name, white flour is perfect for this. You can easily pick some up for $1. The rest you should already have around the house. You probably already have flour at the house, but given that you’ll be using a lot, it is good to have some replacement flour on hand.
    In all, you will need
    1. flour
    2. water
    3. cooking pot
    4. stove
    5. stirring utensil (wisk preferably)
    6. container for the paste
    sugar is optional
    Making the paste is fairly easy. First you have to decide how much you want to make. For every cup of flour you’ll want 4 cups of warm water (1:4 ratio). I make anywhere between a couple cups of paste to over a gallon of paste depending on my project, just keep everything in the proper ratio. Mix until there is pretty much no clumping left since you want a very smooth mixture.
    After being properly mixed, place the pot on the stove using medium heat. Mix it often with the wisk. As it slowly comes to boil you’ll find it starts chunking at the bottom of the mixture. Break this up with the wisk and continue mixing. Eventually it will slowly get thicker until it gets it reaches a glue like consistency. At this point, you can add a little bit of sugar to add extra “stickiness” to the mixture. Mix the sugar in and take it off the stove. Don’t leave it boiling or the sugar will burn.
    Pour the mixture into your container, let it cool, and then paste it up! You can toss the extra in the fridge for later, but after a couple days the wheatpaste will go bad and you’ll have to make a new batch.​
    [SIZE=+2]Getting up[/SIZE]
    Pasting is pretty simple. Find a nice semi-smooth wall. It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth, but too rough and the poster won’t stick. Concrete is ideal, but dumpsters, brick walls, etc all work. Lay down a good layer of the wheatpaste onto the surface. Make sure to cover enough area for the entire poster. If you don’t, the poster will have problems once it is dry. Lay the poster onto the now-wet area. Use your wet brush to go over the poster, making it nice and soaked in wheatpaste. Let it dry for a couple hours. Done properly and the poster will be almost impossible to take off.
    [SIZE=+2]Going Big[/SIZE]
    Want to make a poster bigger than the average 8 x 11 sheet? Instead of heading down to your local Kinko’s and paying through the nose why not head to your newspaper’s office instead? Most newspapers keep the ends of their newsprint rolls and sell them really cheap. I was able to get several thousand feet of 30” wide paper for just under $5. Use a Sharpie Mag 44 (or any other wide tipped, oil-based ink marker) to super-size your poster!
    I may suggest upgrade your wheatpasting equipment though. A small brush just doesn’t cut it when you are slapping up big posters. For under $10 you can pick up a paint roller and bucket. Go all out and get an extension pole to paste those high places!
    So there you have it. You can easily get started wheatpasting for under $20. With that $20 you can easily mass-produce an image in gargantuan sizes. If you want to get a message out, create a poster and make a couple dozen using a laser printer. Due to wheatpaste’s rather unique qualities, no opposing group can just rip them down.

    [SIZE=+3]How to Make Pasting Containers [/SIZE] Article Created by Posterchild.
    Although I've largely given up wheatpasting my posters in favor of less illegal and less marking means of getting up, I started postering with wheatpaste, and had to pick a method of transporting it around. I looked online to see what other people were doing, and I wasn't fully satisfied with their methods. The two most popular seem to be traveling with an open bucket of paste and a brush (for larger works) or traveling with a water bottle, one you can use to squirt paste on your surface of choice, and a brush to smooth it around. The trouble with these methods is that you're left with the problem of a brush covered in wheatpaste, and that'll lead to sticky and white wheatpaste getting everywhere. One of the things you'll learn when you start wheatpasting is that it doesn't dry clear. It dries opaque white. A sloppy night of wheatpasting and you'll look like the star of a bukkake video. You may want to wear white, by the way.... so here are two containers I came up with, both of which solve this little problem. They are both cheap and easy to make, but they do require the use of knifes and hot glue guns, so be sure to ask an adult for help, ok? Enjoy!

    Number one: The "Rubber Cement" container
    Get yourself a wallpaper brush or some kind of brush at the hardware store. Then go to the dollar store or look around the house for some sort of container that is deep and wide enough to accommodate the brush and has a watertight lid. Something like a little bucket with a lid will do nicely. Here's what I used.

    [Broken External Image]:

    (You may want to buy two of your containers, in case you crack the bottom of one, or just to have an extra lid that you can use instead of the lid with the brush attached when you want to store your leftover wheatpaste. This way you can store it without the brush inside.)

    Then cut or drill a hole in the lid that is just slightly too small to fit the handle of the brush. This is so when you put the handle inside, there will be a pressure fit. Seal up around the handle on the inside and outside with a little hot glue or whatever works.

    [Broken External Image]:

    The nice thing about this is that the lid will also act as a sort of spill and splash guard, so it's even less likely you'll get it on your hands.

    and there you have it!

    [Broken External Image]:

    Simple, no? Just fill it up with paste and your ready to roll. The leftovers will store fairly well for at least a couple of weeks or so inside of a refrigerator. You can leave the brush inside if it is submerged in wheatpaste, if it is not, however, you'll want to take it out, clean it, and cover your container with your spare lid or some plastic wrap. If not, this'll happen.

    [Broken External Image]:

    not fun to clean....

    Number Two: The "Wheatpaste Wallet" container

    [Broken External Image]:

    Again, head to the dollar store and get yourself a pair of rollers and trays. Then turn them so their lying "head to foot", and tape/glue them together! The edges can be tricky to seal, so be careful.

    [Broken External Image]:

    It'll look something like this. The green is from some latex paint I poured around inside to help seal off the leaks. I don't really recommend doing that, however, because it'll flake off into the paste. I don't know if that'll bother you or not.

    [Broken External Image]:

    Then cut a whole in the top, large enough for you to fit the roller head through (sideways) without scraping the paste off the sides of it. The way you use this is pretty self explanatory, I think...

    I will recommend that you get a messenger bag, (The type of bag that slung from one strap across your body and hangs at your hip) both the wallet and the "rubber cement" container will fit in nicely, won't be knocked upside down, and can be accessed and covered up quickly and discreetly. And remember, when a cop asks you "Can you show me what you have in the bag?" it's because he can't search your bag without a warrant, and needs you to volunteer to show him yourself, don't. ​

    KARTOONKILLA Senior Member

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    something that i heard was good if someone keeps ripping your
    posters down put finely crushed light bulb glass into your wheatpaste
    the guy said he would see blood on his posters.
  15. C3ZR ONE

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    ^^^ As I've said before, I think that's one of the worst ideas in graffiti's short history.. Posters are an easy up, but even if they weren't, hurting someone over them isn't worth the trouble or possible extra criminal prosecution.Little Kids see posters and get curious. They come up and touch them. I've seen them touch my posters.They weren't trying to fuck 'em up or anything. I wouldn't want that shit on my concious. That whole idea gives street artists a bad name.

  16. C3ZR ONE

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    ps- Bump for me since I got ran over by Cerex's donation of 300 flicks.:(
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    i was just wondering how can i keep my paste fresher. it goes off so quick and stinks out my room.i cant put it in the fridge coz my parents get pissed at that shit.
    also i often use normal printer paper and it works out fine.
    i used some thin wax paper and the wind blew it down on the same day.
    i love pasting because the public dont hate you for it.
    everyone hates a tagger or graffiti artists but when they see some one putting up a poster theyre interested and they watch you.
    Still keep writing..and pasting.
  19. RUP'E

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  20. TheKors

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    The only way that you can preserve it (that I know of) is fridge.

    My parents arent the happiest I put it in there.. But fuck it I just hide it behind all the stuff thats hardly touched.

    If not just make a new batch.. fresher and stickier.

    >> Btw, I picked up some wallpaper paste as an alternative to wheatpaste. If anyone uses wallpaper paste, is it stickier if it is runnier or thicker?

    I tried it fairly thick and it was quite easy to rip the posters down..

    - Whoever wrote that guide about wheatpaste carriers, Its fairly dope.. however I still dont think you can beat a fairly liquid bottle... I tend to but my stuff in a plastic bag from a local shop.. if anyone looks at me it appears I've just been to buy something..