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Where Can I Get Hello Stickers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by oneshokid, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. thanewfaze

    thanewfaze Member

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    walmart large targets office suppy stores as for ups stickers i dont personally like them cuz if you get caught its a felony its messed up
  2. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    delete this stupid thread
  3. Zurp

    Zurp New Member

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    You can get them at the fucking dollar store haha
  4. 0nly10fmikind

    0nly10fmikind Senior Member

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    i heard of this website where, you could get answers to questions like this and many others. a website called google...
  5. jiffer

    jiffer Member

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  6. Igor Radchenko

    Igor Radchenko New Member

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    i get mine at a dollar store. convenient and cheap (y)
  7. Epps

    Epps New Member

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    just gettem from office max or some other office supply store they cheep and easy but id suggest go order some postal stickers ya know they're free
  8. GooberOne

    GooberOne Senior Member

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    i get them at wal mart there only 1$
  9. kragtastik

    kragtastik Member

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  10. Millz

    Millz New Member

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    Every where!!!
  11. biffcreature

    biffcreature Senior Member

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    geez i cant believe people are still trying to answer this dumb dudes question after SEVEN YEARS he probably doesn't even do graff anymore.

    Anyway its also a pretty stupid question because you can get USPS shipping label stickers for free. because they're actually free. like you can get them shipped to your house - for free.

    just don't get caught by some mailman, they're 'unlawful' to use for anything other than priority mail postage hahaha
  12. upster.1

    upster.1 Member

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    Your local CVS store.
  13. veeksone

    veeksone Senior Member

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    go out on your town n find them cant be hard!!
  14. xBOTx

    xBOTx Senior Member

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    lmao, Office depot has like a 40 pack for about 2.50...You can get them for free tho, I just ddnt feel like waiting :p
  15. pieceandlove

    pieceandlove Member

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    ya find them anywhere rack em, buy em, they're cheap. as for usps stickers; label 228, order online (mine never came sad face) or when you go to mail something just take a handfull when they're not looking. AWESOME TIP: if you don't have anything to mail, and need an excuse to go in the post office so you don't look sketch as fuck just walking in there and taking stickers, do this: Step one: go in and stand in line. Step two: rack (free) stickers like a fucking hardened felon G. Step three: when it's your turn in line, just ask if they're hiring and where to apply, they'll say online or whatever, who cares it's just an excuse. BAM stickers.
  16. nekgraffiti

    nekgraffiti Member

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    Go to kroger or local grocery shop.. Go to office section and they should be there. They're usually a dollar for 25 of em
  17. SENDone905

    SENDone905 Senior Member

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    I found mine at walmart, they're free with the five finger discount.
  18. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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    gonna try that postoffice thing online to send me more ...they fuckin sent me nothing and i ordered a while ago few months im now just remembering i DID order some. i didnt over do it either. so dont say "order less... ill porlly stroll in and take eery fuckin sticker i se in stack form like a slime ball.

    those hello stickers should be buried out in the desert with the et games too. those things are a waste of pencil lead.
  19. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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    just re ordered a couple hundred stickers the usual kind from uspo also i decided to order 100 of those big envelopes too for the fuckery they did from before to me. its for my business ya know...

    SEAK_CAPSS Member

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    you cant be serious? troll post or something.. dollar store office max staples cvs walgreens.. ive even seen them in some grocary stores like safeway and smiths.. or walmart or kmart