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Where Would Be Better To Start

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AKalien, Aug 18, 2005.

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Where would better to start

  1. A Huge city

  2. A small town

  3. A rural area

  1. AKalien

    AKalien Senior Member

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    Which would be better.

    if you pick a city or town, could you name a city or town in particular
  2. selc himself

    selc himself Senior Member

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    in your backyard because when u start nobody wants to see your stuff so that doesn't matter!!
  3. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    big city, more spots, more chill
  4. snow2skate

    snow2skate Elite Member

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    Big city, not as hard to get cought, cause there such a big space..and in a small city you run out of places to tag and paint and shit after a year or 2
  5. flclnaruto1213

    flclnaruto1213 Elite Member

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    i live in small town where cops go fucking crazy about graffiti.
    i hate it.

    id say big city
  6. THANKful AKIH

    THANKful AKIH Senior Member

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    BIG CIty cuase there is way more graffiti culture, usaul shops there, more spots to hit, and alot of writers!
  7. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

    • Messages: 783
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    Small towns will ream your ass for graffiti.
  8. InvisblSkratchPiklz

    InvisblSkratchPiklz Elite Member

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  9. metro 519

    metro 519 Senior Member

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    go big city... it would suck to be a big fish in a small pond if you know what i mean
  10. Wet Mops

    Wet Mops Senior Member

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    i think a big city cuz tthere are a lot of writers, and its harder but more rewarding to someday be king.
  11. InvisblSkratchPiklz

    InvisblSkratchPiklz Elite Member

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    i think this is a stupid thread
    but hey who cares
    im just a number on this site
  12. the walking std

    the walking std Senior Member

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    ive always thought it was better being a toy in rural area becuase not too many people see your shit and you can get some good practice in without degrading yourself too much. i started writing around where i live [in a rural area] like 5 or 6 years back now i never write, bomb, or piece around here anymore. you just realize the area sucks if your not a toy. i started doing rollers under a bridge over here too a while back. went over all the toys under that shit. it was funny cuz then like a week later i checked it and like 20 toys rocked all over my shit.
  13. Paint Magic

    Paint Magic Elite Member

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  14. epod

    epod Elite Member

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    i wish i was in a big city. here, cops are worried about graff. they get a report of people tagging,, theyre on it in a jiffy. and if ur in a big city, theres tons of chill spots. in a small city you run out of chill spots. lol i dont tag much, but this 1 writer, hes got a tag on EVERY fucking wall, bus, mailbox, electrical box. he honestly has covered every block of this city. and its a decent size. its just gay here though, the way its set up, theres like 7 neighborhoods connected by like 4 main roads , so its hard to get around on feet.
  15. Krylon bomber

    Krylon bomber Elite Member

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    yeah start in your backyard on a board or some thing, get a form and feel down first, then take you pick.
  16. kronik

    kronik Senior Member

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    big city woooot woooot
  17. ow1

    ow1 Senior Member

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    im not that good in all but i started in my backyard on a piece of plywood then once i got alright i moved onto doing it underbridges and hidden spots for bombing but i tag just about anywear i can
  18. theyrecominafterme

    theyrecominafterme Member

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    i think it would be better in a big city... im goin about in a small town and it blows. too many problems and not enough spots

    and for all the UC's
  19. scrabble

    scrabble Elite Member

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    foreal nothin better than ethopia RESPECT THAT CUS ITS SOME REAL SHIT
  20. skateparadise

    skateparadise Elite Member

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