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Where Would Be Better To Start

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AKalien, Aug 18, 2005.

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Where would better to start

  1. A Huge city

  2. A small town

  3. A rural area

  1. Syn_one

    Syn_one Member

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    i think Huge City would be better. More shit to go at and I don't think your as likely to get caught by pigs. Pigs got nothing to do in the towns, but its busy in the city. Plus theres more oppurtunities to make your stuff scene in nice heaven spots.
  2. Slaze

    Slaze Senior Member

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    ok i live in a rural area and it is by far the worst area to be if your into graff. i would say that a small town (like the places i bomb) are a good place to start cuz you feel like you can actually reach a decent status and you wont have two much competition or beef, although i will say it would be nice if we had more writers so that you have a better chance of meeting them and getting tips. i wish i could have had someone to guide me when i got into graff, but i didn't so i ended up on this site. <_<
  3. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    lol i live in south bronx so lotsa writers here, its pretty good. i started in some train bridge tunnel thing in the woods, cops to lazy to come its funny casue the fire district in like 3min walking distance from it and there like "i dont wanna get my boots dirty ehhh" but yea its good start off on a board or soemthing lol
  4. geritto

    geritto Senior Member

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  5. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    City for obvious reasons.

    Small towns are for when you've got so much heat in your city from bombing that your already king, so you go and king small towns in a single night because half of it will get buffed the next day anyway.

    When you first start, you should practice bombing entire walls in chill spots, just use up all the wall space then don't go back for like a year when its all buffed or more writers have ups there. All you need to be doing is practicing for a month or two, hardly anyone needs to see your shit. Then once you got your hand steeze down with decent can control ('cause you hand should be decent before you really start to paint) then you can go 'n try to bomb shit with that and your throwies. But pieces aren't going to come to you for at least a year or two of good paintin', so just do those out the ways when you can.

    Plus in cities, the real writers will take away heat from you, so people won't care so much about the kid who wrote his 'name' 20 times on the back of a few buildings, they're more concerned with the names that the actual community sees 20 times on an average day.

    Its when you start throwing your shit on the streets immediately that people take notice and once they realize you have committed felony damage on the backs of several buildings...well your shit sucks anyway so fuck going after the 'kings' who have already proven themselves smart enough to stay in the game that long.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008
  6. DERO 1R

    DERO 1R Member

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    i think each one has its advantages, but personally i would go with more of a city area to start because of the inspiration you could get and pick up on styles easier and it would be less difficult to meet other writers.
  7. DERO 1R

    DERO 1R Member

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    word. same here! there's like 5 or 6 here but that's our little crew. like you gotta go to bumfuck egypt to find writers.
  8. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    Why the fuck do you guys want to find writers?

    No inspiration? Sounds like you like to...BITE. Haha...

    Someone said some crazy shit here once that people disagreed with, but is true as fuck. Don't fucking bother looking at other peoples styles and shit, just focus on your own. Focus on your hand writing first, and make sure you know how letters are supposed to go. Then start making it a little more wavy, and eventually it will get more and more extreme.

    But anyway, thats a bad reason to not graff in an area, just because no one else is doing it in that area...fuck that. You gain way more face in areas that have no graff scene.

    Its just that small towns catch on quick, so if you bomb for like 3 months...most likely you are going to be high up on the police's to-do list. And by bomb, I mean going out like 3 nights a week to paint. Toys don't paint a whole lot at first though, so I doubt you are going to start out with all-night bombing in a small town.

    But yeah should never want to meet other writers. Why the fuck would you want to meet writers? Most of them are gay as fuck, look at bombing science. Not to mention all the snitches you will get to meet. Every writer is a fucking snitch.

    Not to mention, its WAY fucking better to progress on your own. I look at a lot of kids styles on bombing science, 'n its like "wow...why are they getting props for that shit? because its a style thats been PLAYED and people liked it the first time they saw something like it?"

    I'm glad I started out such a toy with no vets to show me, that means a hell of a lot more progress. I think it shows I have more love for the game because I just started getting up in an area where people are liek "wtf why the hell would you do graffiti? thats stupid" but i did it anyway. No writers came up to me and said "hey you will be cool if you let us show you how to write graff".

    Besides with style, people get too stuck in how they think they're letters are supposed to go because of the culture they see around it. It makes you think less about experimentation. The only good thing about looking at a writers style, is when you look at like crazy pieces, like saber or someone and then you begin to be able to read how their letters go from comparing handi's to pieces. Its crazy, you just do a fucking design and have it follow the outline your letters. That's the type of shit you should learn from writers, that the possibilities are ENDLESS. Not thinking "oh well saber's S goes like this, so I'm going to make mine more like this" no fuck that, once your style gets advanced enough, NO ONE should be able to bite it, or call it bites.

    Let yourself inspire yourself, let others show you the possibilities, let yourself extend the possibilities.
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  9. anti-anti-crime

    anti-anti-crime Elite Member

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    a small town.
    if your beginning obviously because no cops are out, there all at the station eating donuts. and when you bomb when your a beginer, your shit isnt to nice, so its better that it gets buffed and you keep having places to paint.
  10. fac-effacer

    fac-effacer New Member

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    is a etch

    la pi la pi la pi la pi la ossi ...

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  11. VENGO

    VENGO Member

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    livin' in a big city PRISHTINA were the graffiti artist don't care for the cops

    B.I.G city