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Why this with caps?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by nastynasty, Oct 1, 2018.

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  1. nastynasty

    nastynasty Senior Member

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    After experimenting trying to make fat caps (which im just know finding out is a max of 3.5 inches in diameter for the astro fat WHICH I ALREADY MADE BUT IT WASNT EVEN THAT FAT.) I took a cap off an oven cleaner. The spray was fat as fuck, I measured it 6 inches in diameter so I was very wet. I found a method of making female caps into male caps and slapped it on a can. Now, when I sprayed with the paint can and measured it the spray was a disappointing 3 inches. I figure it has something to do with the pressure of the 2 different cans. The oven cleaner being higher in pressure and the paint being lower (Its a walmart dollar can). My question is does a higher pressure can affect the width of the spray? I havent tested the actual psi of each can.
  2. Loaf3r

    Loaf3r Member

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    Yes it does. Low pressure paints WITHOUT a variable pressure valve will push the paint out slower, making the line smaller in most cases. This does not apply to "low pressure" cans with variable valves such as MTN 94.
  3. Huis

    Huis Member

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    the paint being more heavy will not spread out as much as the liquid on an oven cleaner, i dont think that the oven cleaner is more pressurised than a paint can, but what can i say i only use graff cans maybe the cans you are using are just shit
  4. Loaf3r

    Loaf3r Member

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    Yes as huis said, thats also a variable. Thats why some spray paint colors flare better than others with the same caps.