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Writer's Block

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LOST, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. DjTerrestrialConcept

    DjTerrestrialConcept Elite Member

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    Sleep deprevity is the best cure for me.
  2. Coca Cola

    Coca Cola Member

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    thats the problem mang...when i think about it i cant do it cuz i see the finished deal in my head and try to think too hard and it fucks up...i dont sketch ripped all thetime but when ripped i usually end up drawing :lol:

    hard to explain but.....hmmm
  3. skateparadise

    skateparadise Elite Member

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  4. Apathy

    Apathy Senior Member

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    I usually smoke lots of crack and maybe shoot some dope... then when i am all cracked out.. I find a bum... Give him a clevland steamer.... Drink about a gallon of whisky dry, right out of the bottle.. Find a newspaper and beat off to the bra advertisments... Then the ideas just start flowin.
  5. laz'e

    laz'e Senior Member

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    i sketch good in class, and when im tired
  6. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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    in spanish i just zone out and start writin then she calls on me and im like el bano
  7. choke

    choke Senior Member

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    if u have to get your insperation and ideas of other peoples work u cannot be very good at graff because real graff is thought of by your self with no influence from drugs. so get your own style dont steel it. or change other peeps..
  8. choke

    choke Senior Member

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    me and laz'e always sketch in science class.. joka
  9. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    i jsut draw random shit that im thinking off....but if you think Shrooms, are good for writers block? try Acid.... wooo shit.. watch out
  10. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    so? they get the job done :lol: [/b][/quote]
    heck yeah!
  11. Alchohlics_Anonymous

    Alchohlics_Anonymous Elite Member

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    ^haha! he said 'heck'!! <_<

    i usually just stop drawing and go do something else. but if i was a mod, id stop and close this damn thread.
  12. CL3ver1

    CL3ver1 Elite Member

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    hahaha to bad your not a mod BIHOTCH
  13. Spitz

    Spitz Senior Member

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    I do my sketches right after toking or when i'm in health class.
  14. pogopope

    pogopope Senior Member

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    i usually just take a break from sketching for a little while
  15. Idealeyez

    Idealeyez Elite Member

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    whenever i get writer block i draw lines, circles, swirls,etc
  16. Atom

    Atom Senior Member

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    i definetly excel in graf at school because theres nothing else to do except talk to women and fuck with kids.
  17. _____JEKLROKS_____

    _____JEKLROKS_____ Elite Member

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    You sound like a child molesting teacher...

    Toys also make me want to do better and practice more too.
  18. MitNGEK

    MitNGEK Elite Member

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    i have done some tight pieces when iw as high or really tired
  19. MitNGEK

    MitNGEK Elite Member

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    when im writing in the black book i eat alot
  20. Ume

    Ume Moderator

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    and why didn't you jsut edit your post for that "VERY IMFORMING" peice of information? :huh: