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Wrting Day Or Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by [REKON], Aug 7, 2004.

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  1. [REKON]

    [REKON] Member

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    I,ve been writing for about 6 months, and in my experience i prefer to go tagging early in the morning or at about dusk. When me and my friends go tagging at night time we tend to get more pariniod. I,ve got in to trouble twice while i was tagging, once in the day time once at night. I got more scared at night. anyways one day we went out early in the morning to a train yard near my house. We had just gotton done and we were walking out on to the main road when this cop flicked us,at this point we just stayed cool and and kept on walking thinking maybe its not us because he kept on going then he turned around,at this piont we ran but the whole time i was'nt really that scared even though i had a J on me and the smell was pretty strong ,well we got away. The following night we went out again everything was going ok we bombed like 3 or 4 places we were on our last spot (my skool) before we went home when this lady came up the hill torwards were we were at. she was about 30 feet away from us and she started yelling at us. We ran and agian we got away but this was alot more scary than the previous day the cop run in should have scared me more because i could have got in alot more trouble but it didnt. Anyways like i said i havent been tagging very long and im not that experienced so tell me your opinion what do u prefer day or night and tell me why. THANKS!!
  2. AXIS

    AXIS Senior Member

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  3. Skore_One

    Skore_One Elite Member

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    i prefer early morning because there is no body around at all and its light out so i can see
  4. mr. she77

    mr. she77 Elite Member

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    like 2 and any time after that in the morning. and just catching tags and shit durin they day like when im walking around with frinds, nothing to serious. mostly wen its dark out.
  5. pico

    pico Member

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    some places you can get away with at like 3 in the afternoon. it depends on the place, but i prefer a moderately lit up place at night with nobody around. ive had trouble in dark places. once i went back during the day i noticed id fucked the piece up a bit.
  6. The Most Sadistic

    The Most Sadistic Elite Member

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    i like afternoone and evening
  7. Usually, daytime bombing for me isn't hectic, because I got to chill spots in the daytime. But yes, night bombing and morning bombing are the best for bombing in general.

    If you want to hit up some heat spots...6:00 AM on a sunday would be the most ideal. Atleast for me it is.
  8. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    why do people cmoe onto the forums with one post and start a topic that is basically unanswerable or better yet jsut a story. i really dont udnerstand people like that
  9. drop

    drop Senior Member

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    so far i've only bombed during the day
  10. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    5 in the morning, most people aren't up yet and the barhoppers are already home
  11. zionpnk

    zionpnk Senior Member

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    around 11:00 in the morning or 1:30 in the afternoon... those are the best times. There arent that many people around and shit and if there are then fuck em...

    fuck em in the ass.
  12. DesoleR

    DesoleR Member

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    ahhh daim thisdude never got out to bomb man ,he is a toy and his only talking s*it. how can you runs 2 time from the cops a day after an other... at the same place bull shit man its make 6 month you tag and you kome on the INTERNET to hask when to go bomb yo bro make your own choice. hey and dude now you know wen to go tagiing but dou you whats to know how to old a marker :blink:
  13. indigo

    indigo Senior Member

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    i guess i like taggin during the day more than at night for some reason...i also like painting during the day to for some reason

    i duno i just fell safer
  14. indigo

    indigo Senior Member

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    the fuck did u just say?
  15. drop

    drop Senior Member

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    ^^^^ya, the fuck did he just say? :blink:
  16. glue

    glue Elite Member

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    day time bombing in chill spots, night time bombing in heas spots like 11:00pm to 3-4:00am. i bomb more during the day though. i usually tag when its dark or if im on the tracks or somthing.
  17. "SHADE"

    "SHADE" Member

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    yo he aint lyin iam in that story thats my freind anthony shit those times were fo real and scary but i perfure in the mornin most at just when it starts to get light out. yo anthony if u read this this is evan and i got aresseted 2 nights ago. in lockdown man!
  18. DjTerrestrialConcept

    DjTerrestrialConcept Elite Member

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    Night..... Around 11 or so..... And as for morning, I like to sleep in..... I dont do mornings but on extreme rareities. I prefer night because around here no one is around walking about at 11 pm except for the late birds which are few and far between and the joggers. Most cops arn't freaked about some guys walking around at 11, so we're pretty safe. Plus I know most of the police and judges around here through faimly, almost everyone in my faimly was either a lawyer, court reporter, or legal secretary, so I'm in pretty good with the legals around here.
  19. Ravek

    Ravek Elite Member

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    i got wenever i want, but it makes it feel easier at like 1 in the morning or at like 5 in the morning, maybe at midnight, but time for me really doesn't matter
  20. [REKON]

    [REKON] Member

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    Did u even read the story?i think not because if u did u wouid have relized i never said i ran frome the cops twice or from the same place twice read it again then come talk. another thing i never asked for anyones advice i asked for there opinion if u would have read the story write u would now that. because in it i said i prefer to tagg in the early morning or at dusk i never asked what should i do. so if u want to talk shit atleast make sure u now what your talking about.