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Wrting Day Or Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by [REKON], Aug 7, 2004.

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  1. Sluts_r_us

    Sluts_r_us Elite Member

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    cops never helped me for anything.
  2. crates

    crates Member

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    broad daylight tagging is the illest.
  3. -kNiVeZ-

    -kNiVeZ- Member

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    for me its early in the morning at 4 to 6 am, i dont really understand as yo why that is, maybe its the idea the the cops, at night are looking out for drug dealers, rapists and etc and are tougher on you, and that in the day its just easy guys, or nubs, but if im going to go bombing subs, its 1 am for me. im a day bomber, and plus, its not really suspicious taht you see a kid wearing all white with a bag in the morning, cz a lot of kids go to school and etc. its much more suspicious that you see a kid, at midnight, with a bag, when school ended hours ago. i guess its just the idea of blending in.. lol one time at night i made my own mask, from a shirt. hahah got it from here, made me feel all stealthy haha
    the ninja mask thingy[/URL]
  4. MiNZ

    MiNZ Senior Member

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    i catch tags anytime of day but throwies and fill-ins i have to be sneaky bout my momma dont let me sneak out so i just leave around 3-4 am write until 6 then head off to school and on the weekends i stay with friends with cool parents

    also if your writing in an area with a low crime rate most likely around 3 am cops aint gone roll past if your in a bad neighborhood cops will be all over the place just choose wisely
  5. ~LOOK~

    ~LOOK~ Senior Member

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    yea but my experience is the nice neighborhoods and low crime area's get buffed faster than you can get back there to flick it
  6. bigtakeover

    bigtakeover Senior Member

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    i generally only paint at night, the only time i paint in the day is if i couldnt finish what i was doing, the previous night. i cant leave stuff up that looks like shit.
  7. [NESTER]

    [NESTER] Senior Member

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    hahah are you sure?..if there were no cops and law you would most likely be dead by now.
  8. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    I go out at night

    cops hardly go around at night here

    and its easier to hide places and blend in with things

    unless its just handstyles

    then i do some in day time
  9. bigtakeover

    bigtakeover Senior Member

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    cops are lame, no matter what. theyve done more damage than good in my book.
  10. LINKE

    LINKE Member

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    I prefer to go tagging at night... :) i have a crazy story to :rolleyes: wel.... Once i was tagging with my friend (in the day) we were taging on this building then a grandma came and started asking us qwestion what are we doing and stuff... So my friend panicked alitle i just kept tagging and she walked away :D :D people are just scared of us writers :D so dont run if someone else on you just keep on taging and theyl go away. Only run if theres a cop
  11. --Sketch--

    --Sketch-- New Member

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    For me it's a mission from my mates house and getting a few jobs done or it's me walking around getting to know an area and then leaving a mark here and there. I won't hit a place in the day with a big piece just a tag. I live in an area where I can use subway lights or shit like that at night to see some good spots. Anyone sees us, we usually laugh and run, if it's just me, I brick it and run. Pedestrians only bother me if they ask what i'm doing, or I am in my neck of the woods. Otherwise i'd just camly walk away or duck out the way.
  12. kelso

    kelso Member

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    i usually bomb on my way to school, when iv'e got a little bit of time and i can make my way to spot, or when im comming home from somewhere, like skateboarding. like 7 to 9 at night. i helps my feel more cautious at night when im doin the real dirty shhhiieet.
  13. Kan2

    Kan2 Senior Member

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    coming home from a buddys at like 12 at night. perfect. i dunna what you guys are talked about, but im not up at 5 am
  14. 3mpir3

    3mpir3 Senior Member

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    yeah a good trick is say ur sleeping over at a friends house then just go at like 1 or 2 thats what i do all the time,, plus even in the day time people tend to just look at u not many actually say anything
  15. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    I don't really care. Today I fucked up a dumpster by my house on the way home, and nobody saw, or cared. But, I still prefer night.
  16. bubsone

    bubsone Senior Member

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    i tag when ever i feel it is safe to do something day or nite. sunday afternoons are fun days to tag.
  17. Rasp

    Rasp Member

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    i just whip out my marker during the day, just to keep it safe
    at night though around 10-11 is when i hit it up with paint

    im just gonna say something:
    the reason people are afriad of us at night is because of the the kids that
    smash windows, break into places, and just screw things up; and then they say
    they're writers and thats what ruins it for the artist
  18. Darkeist

    Darkeist Elite Member

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    day time, early morning or at dusk, i dont go at night because theres gangs every where so i gotta be super careful
  19. die EDK!

    die EDK! Member

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    basically all i have to say is night is better becuase if your out at twelve u can just tell a cop your walking home or waiting for a bus

    what is gonne be your excuse to be out 5 in the morning
  20. kicklip9634

    kicklip9634 Senior Member

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    i like going around 3 cuz i gotta get my shit ready then i gotta sneak out then i gotta walk to were it is i wanna hit up by then it around 4 then i hit it up get done around 4:45 and wait around and walk and get brakfast yumm!!!