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Wrting Day Or Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by [REKON], Aug 7, 2004.

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  1. xXSARSXx

    xXSARSXx Senior Member

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    im good with just doing tags and throwis and handys during the day but peices are for night time for me B)
  2. InsaneSanity

    InsaneSanity Senior Member

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    Day... Night... but my favourite time is like 4-00 am just getting light.. you can have more excuses than at like 2 am.. and it fells just soo magic..
  3. mask_301

    mask_301 Senior Member

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    it depends on the spot
  4. bluntsthatarefat

    bluntsthatarefat Member

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    i gotta see what im doing thats all i care about

    iv done some weak shit in the dark
  5. stado

    stado Senior Member

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    night, because when you do it by day, and no one sees you, that means they also won't see your piece =)
    just tell your mom you are gonna sleep at a friends house, and he tells his parents he sleeps at your's, and then stay away all night.
    (we don't have gangs and stuff over here, so for me that's safe)
    you only have to take care of that you slept enough the day before, and the day after B)
  6. unknownbomber

    unknownbomber Senior Member

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    obviously you go at night...less cops less people less heat...unless your painting a chill spot like under a bridge or a tunnel
  7. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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    are you seriuos anyplace remotly dangerous or buissy get way more cops at night. if i got out at 2'30 in the morn like i did a few weeks agao expecting to see less cops it wasnt nomal traffic kinda slow but most every other car was a cop and i got cought and driven home they didnt ask to look in my bag they just asked what was in it cuz they thought i was running away. yes they even told my dad that
  8. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    depends on the spot. if its chill, why would you ever want to be there at night??
  9. urban-turban-one

    urban-turban-one Member

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    I dont know night would be a little easier but they both have their advantages. I would save the night time for bombings, especially on businesses. Signatures or quick throwies shouldn't be that hard to get up during the day. But if i wanted to do something big during the day i would stick to the bridges.
  10. AMansNotACamel

    AMansNotACamel Senior Member

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    Yo, there is a cat that lives near me who writes orda, I ran into him the other day in the middle of the city, he bombs up walls and shit all around the city, he says people don't do shit and there's a very low police presense. But still I wouldn't do it :p
  11. HawkeR

    HawkeR Member

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    well for me i like to write in about 5 in the morning no ones out only a few joggers occasanly..
  12. i write

    i write Senior Member

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    yer early morning is my favourite time, less people of all kinds and thers still some darkness you jst need to b able to b fukd wakin up so early. 4-5 is my favourite time to go out.
  13. CHUB

    CHUB Senior Member

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    I usually go out around 6-7. i just dont like night tagging. i mean, i like the cover of darkness, but the cops just seem to be more pointy when theres a guy walking down mainstreet at 10 with a backpack than a kid with a backpack in 6 in the morning when its liht out. u still get light, but less ppl out, and its less riskier moving around.
  14. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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    I could give a fuck about what people think or say.. usualy they dont care but I do prefer night..
  15. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    I prefer doing shit at night, but i can only go out during the day.
    I live in the outskirts and i cant drive..
  16. Heab

    Heab Member

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    i cant realy sneak out because my sis and i share a room cause we live in a tiny fucking apartment and i cant really go out in the mornin because my dad wakes up at like 5:30 so i kinda have to go in the day unless im at a sleep over
  17. MoLD

    MoLD Senior Member

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    stay at a friends house and go out with em around 4-5am and have them watch your back.
  18. Kaze

    Kaze Elite Member

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    i write during the day like hit up the bus and shit
    wen im goin home but usually go out nite more chill

    EKSTATIC Member

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    there both equal
    altho at night your more likly to get stopped by cops if they SEE you
    you gotta be sneaky like Ninja!

    bomb day and night !
  20. <SMK>

    <SMK> Senior Member

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    I like the day because you can see wat ur doin and you wont get stopped by pigs for walking to you graff location, but night time is good 4 those walls that are on busy streets, but ya, you gotta be sneaky like a ninja :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: