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Your Favorite Quote U Put Next To Ur Tag

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CiA OwNZ, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. mania

    mania Senior Member

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    More American than herpes and hot dogs!

    (Atmosphere lyric...)
  2. xDesTx

    xDesTx Senior Member

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    Heh, random one that ive done once,

    "And Your Point Is?"
  3. BATER

    BATER Senior Member

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    i put this one up after it got buffed and i redid it

    "now what?"
  4. Steel!

    Steel! Elite Member

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    like to go back to places where i got buffed and put an arrow to the paint spot and put "good job now it looks like shit"
  5. iLL-WoN

    iLL-WoN Senior Member

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    <----- yeah sorry about that.
  6. Sewn

    Sewn Senior Member

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    Ran out of paint/ink/whatever I was doing the tag in.

    Even when I haven't ran out of paint/ink/whatever I was doing the tag in.
    This way, since all my tags look shitty, I have an excuse ;)
  7. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    i think if your getting up, none of your tags should be looking shitty.
    i really like putting
    and once they do just go over it again.
  8. the james island kid

    the james island kid New Member

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  9. cebs oner

    cebs oner Senior Member

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    dont hate its just paint or loved by few hated by many but enved by all or allways bringing heat
  10. LuStErOcKs

    LuStErOcKs Moderator

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    recent one ive done next 2 mah piece.

    "People dont give a fuck if we live or we die
    thats why we do this graff shit to feel more alive.
  11. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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    do do dooo, cmon and do some graffin'
    do do dooo, a train or on a wall
  12. _zen_

    _zen_ Member

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    I guess mine would be my sig..idk It would be what I was feelin at the moment
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2008
  13. Juicee

    Juicee Senior Member

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    "It's all good, you're mah *****h right? Don't buff this. Or i'll beat you with a tire iron bitch."
    I write it kind of small under the bomb or piece next to my tag.

    I'd also write what i have in my sig if i could remember all of that :/
  14. The_NaMEz_BaNKz

    The_NaMEz_BaNKz Elite Member

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  15. ca$hville

    ca$hville Senior Member

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    underground like earth worms
  16. Sewn

    Sewn Senior Member

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    I got old money, coulda bought a dinosaur
  17. Lucas

    Lucas Senior Member

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    I usually write odd things next to my tag like

    ....eats fetuses gangsta as fuck
    ....for president y'all
    ....goes loco for lesbians
    ....butchers at birth
    ....ripping zone
  18. knaders

    knaders Senior Member

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    "My style is wine"
  19. geneparmesan

    geneparmesan Senior Member

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    "block busta spot rushas."
    "i almost got caught doing this."
  20. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    "Innocence makes no sense"
    i hit a water tower that was high up, so i wrote
    "I can levitate like criss angel"
    i write something different like everytime