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Your Favorite Quote U Put Next To Ur Tag

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CiA OwNZ, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. xDesTx

    xDesTx Senior Member

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    Went over someone else and put up

    No fair, I’m here!

    next to it
  2. Zazuy Whore.

    Zazuy Whore. Member

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    "I Use My Hands To Create Evil"
  3. Shh

    Shh New Member

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    R.i.p. U.s.a.
  4. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    "sugar coated"
    "while u were sleeping"
    "bring your daughter to the slaughter"
    "been here and back and all i got was this citation and a court date"
    "God told me to do this"
    "i voted kodos"
    ''aint no such thing as half way crooks"
    "sweet, i love dummy cameras"
    "as a product of liquor mixed with beer what else should i be doing?"

    buff hits
    gray ghost strikes again.
    please buff, i messed up.
    at least i stole my paint.
    hey, look at it this way, u always have a job in this city.
  5. fEris

    fEris Member

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    "We are not beings with souls, we are souls within beings"

    "Look up, the sky is talking"
  6. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

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    "Mi Vida Loca"
    "Write The Alphabet With Your Tongue Make It Into A Lovesong"
    "Life Is beautiful, so full of beauty...
    Life is beautiful, without it you`d be dead.."

    or just:

    "Life is beautiful, without it you`d be dead"
  7. Lie

    Lie Banned

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    The city is my gallery
    the bulidings are my canvas

    i made that up myself
  8. Cozmo

    Cozmo Senior Member

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    I always include the Gettysburg Address, because I always like to educate people while I'm bringing down their property value.

    Kidding. I'm as up as a wet noodle so far. But if I was up, I'd write "Dum Spiro Spero." Look it up if you want to know what it means.
  9. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    we can tell

    read the purple in muh sig
  10. Mr.Treez

    Mr.Treez Member

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    hahah! seriously
  11. Mr.Treez

    Mr.Treez Member

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    are you a fkn writer or a poet. no need for your emo shit on the streets.
  12. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    We Dont need no Education
    WE dont need no thought control
    No Dark Sarcasm In the Classroom
    Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone
  13. TRY'N

    TRY'N Senior Member

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    i jus cant help by adding a lil mobb deep "long as im alive ima live illegal"
  14. TRY'N

    TRY'N Senior Member

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    oh wow jus saw that fube you quoted shook ones pt 2. also haha. but yea my bad for the double post..
  15. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    im tryna save the earth and your just getting in line to rape her-Tech
  16. Casual7ie

    Casual7ie Senior Member

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    im not up yet much, but imma put
    'open your eyes'
    'i has a brain'
    and some of my fav nace quotes (rip)
    'dont think...'
    'sick of it all...'
  17. my.favorite.addiction

    my.favorite.addiction Banned

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    when I wrote ?ToCure! id put "cures all my ills minus all the pills"
    might still put it now that Im tryin to get clean XP
    aside form that:"its meeee!" "in between yo hunnies sheets,paint on the streets!"
    a writer in my area (831) always puts Hi Mom >_<
  18. liveandeatpeople

    liveandeatpeople Member

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    love art even when prosicuted....
    i also did this on five excutive parking signs i wrote
    your all living a lie
  19. Ginasa

    Ginasa Member

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    "holy Fucking Shit!"
  20. jeps=mlz

    jeps=mlz Member

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    Ambition 2 graff

    thought of it yesterday haha