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Your MP3 Player of choice

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SKriBL*666, Jul 22, 2007.

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    FABLE IR CRU Senior Member

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    Ipods is the only type i've owned so it's best
  2. Pharoah

    Pharoah Senior Member

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    ive gone through about 5 mp3s
    my ipod mini lasted for a while but i crushed it :(
    then i got some shitty ass ZEN mp3 thing and they SUCK BALLS
    now i have a nano and its working quite nice
    stick with ipods, other mp3s break fast
  3. thatkidyouknew

    thatkidyouknew Elite Member

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    yup see this guy knows whats up.
    i guess it depends how you treat your gear if your reckless with your ipods and just fall on it or throw it of course its going to break then you say "oh it was a piece of shit" i wonder why it was a piece of shit haha.
  4. EMAK

    EMAK Senior Member

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    i use my PSP!!! that thing is the fukin SHIT!,, haha i got madddd jams on there with hella videos too...fuck im ballin!...but yea...its alright

    never had an ipod but they seem aiight..
  5. thatkidyouknew

    thatkidyouknew Elite Member

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    you dont have to put up your myspace mang
  6. SKriBL*666

    SKriBL*666 Elite Member

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    I have dropped my zune several times and its still a trooper.

    Boutta upgrage to an 80g zune tho.
    30g aint cuttin it anymore.
  7. SIAH

    SIAH Senior Member

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    i've got an Ocean from helio...i just threw a 2gig mem card in it...holds enough songs for me...
  8. Monky

    Monky Member

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    i've got a 80gb ipod video from the States, cost less than a 30gb bak home!:D
    Its been bloody good, no probs except the new ipod ear phones dont last very long:confused:
  9. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    psp's are fucking worthless stop fooling yourself
  10. a maze

    a maze Banned

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    Wow, they still make regular old Mp3 Players? WOW.

    Ipod, son
  11. weak0ner

    weak0ner Moderator

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    80 gig ipod classic.
  12. overdue

    overdue Senior Member

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    ^^^^80 gig slver classic................... that way you got movies tooo
  13. h!de7

    h!de7 Senior Member

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  14. und3cided

    und3cided Senior Member

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    complicated story bout this. i used to have a support africa (red) ipod... but ya know shit happens and some1 jacked dat.

    and i found out who benched it and i broke his face.
  15. TOEJAM

    TOEJAM Senior Member

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    30 gig ipod vid all day
  16. TOEJAM

    TOEJAM Senior Member

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    with the skull candy lowriders
  17. Dying to live

    Dying to live Senior Member

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    ZEn v plus... it goes alright..
  18. iLL-WoN

    iLL-WoN Senior Member

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    i want a zune.. i would steal a baby for one.
  19. FoRkK24

    FoRkK24 Member

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    YP-T10 the best , very nice graphics, kind confusing
  20. BOMiT

    BOMiT Member

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    Creative zen. Don't have to fuss with that itunes bloatware shit. Drop all the albums I dl straight into a folder on its harddrive. Shits dope with bose's.