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Your Tagging Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by .limit., Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. Wallace

    Wallace Elite Member

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    i dont really see a point for why you would refill a deco, but you take the sticker off then the top pops off
  2. Just Another

    Just Another Senior Member

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    So you could re-use an empty deco...
  3. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    the other day my friend asked me to refill his sharpie magnum

  4. kog_throwie

    kog_throwie Senior Member

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    Lol Thats So Funny Lol What A Toy Omg
  5. ish_805

    ish_805 Member

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    zig calligraphy pen,zig 2way ballpoint with gk(works better than wite out)sharpie paint gold,king size,stamp clenaer mop,
  6. Scream Out

    Scream Out Senior Member

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    i have a significantly larger version of this
    [Broken External Image]:
    anyone know how permanent the ink/paint is?
    i just got it today so i havent had time to see how it fades or if its easy to buff or anything like that
  7. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    i love taggin with dalos, flowpens, and sakuras sometimes, sometimes they come out streaky cuz its not a smooth surface.
    i dont like pilots, just cuz thats what i started with, and ive used em for yeaaaaaarrs so theyre played out for me. i get em for free cuz my dad works in construction in NY, so he just takes boxes home and gives em to me bahahaa

    i wanna get those krink bottles, the opaque paint ones, not the dye based ones.
    anyone know if their anygood?
  8. ohgawdxcarcrash

    ohgawdxcarcrash Elite Member

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    the K60's are okay.. not very permanent, but it is very opaque.
    i would get the dye ones though, mainly cause you get drips with about the same squeeze you would give to the paint one.
  9. Maker_TNC

    Maker_TNC New Member

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    i use posca and i fill em with stainers when they run outt :) id buy offf the net but i havent gott a crdit carrd:(
  10. Offset

    Offset Senior Member

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    How much would you sell a box of pilots for? I'll pay shipping.
  11. jeps=mlz

    jeps=mlz Member

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    ive been using homemade marker out of a shoe polisher massive nib good for those nice big drip tags

  12. COBALT

    COBALT Elite Member

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    brake fluid krink and some good old shoe polish makes for the best mops
  13. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    home made krink?
    or bought krink?

    im loving acrylics with kiwis.
  14. illadelph

    illadelph Elite Member

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    Mini Tank Markers With Home Brewed Ink.....curtains...!
  15. Duct Tape & Death Threats

    Duct Tape & Death Threats Senior Member

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    Sakuras are supposed to streak.
  16. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Yo I was about to get these paint makers called. " hard to buff" or " On the Run" But didnt know to get one or the other or both.
  17. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    get a on the run flowpen man. ink isnt the most permanent but i love them. as to all the otr haters:he doesnt know what a otr is so dont say get a zig and put ded in it or someshit.

    but viruz if you wanna do something easier use this:

    but if you wanna play it safe just buy a otr flowpen. stay away from the otr paintmarkers. they blow.

    hope i helped
  18. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Yo Mantana where can i get those. My freind has like to and he said their dope.

    Like Im ordering a hella lot of stuff. Like Do'em Drity Mops,. ( old ones suck.) I racked like 4 window markers from my in and stuff. And they have some bomb as nib. Bro. Then Im getting A Black Hard to Buff marker, A Gold on the Run marker. SO' I'll be set. But I'll try them out.
  19. wafflecakee

    wafflecakee Elite Member

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    i can't understand a thing you just said.
  20. Mime1

    Mime1 Senior Member

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    I freaking love mantana .