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Your Tagging Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by .limit., Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. SevenStickers

    SevenStickers Member

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    I just started so I'm sticking with sharpies for now.
  2. Eurothrash

    Eurothrash Senior Member

    • Messages: 129
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    otr/molotow, otr mops
  3. DECK64

    DECK64 New Member

    • Messages: 2
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    Sakura (Green) or a pilot with homemade ink ;)
  4. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    i dont remember where i read about it (probably here), but i hollowed out an old VHS tape, sealed it up, filled it with ink and stuffed it with old chalk-board erasers for the tip. its messier than louisianna pussy so i dont break it out often, but damn that thing's beautiful
  5. InnerCityRebel

    InnerCityRebel Senior Member

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    I need to get some Pilots and mops..
  6. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    any marker that writes, make my own or get emptys. right now im using a 5 years OTR marker good luck charm in a way i just buy nibs for it and BOOM u have a marker foreverrr!! lol :)
  7. ur210

    ur210 Senior Member

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    30mm molotow marker or something like that.
  8. Mag

    Mag Member

    • Messages: 13
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    I have a few on the run street painters, mop, Molotow transformer 30mm and a few others. But i mostly used a black on the run street painter or a Mop with MTN ink. I am realy loving the on the run street painter. No streak on anything, long lasting, good nibs... Overall realy good. Would recommend. I get all my shit from and my ink from Ebay. (Im from aussie, i would get from bombing science but the shipping is so much to get here.
  9. Steam2014

    Steam2014 Member

    • Messages: 28
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    Pilot marker, meanstreak, white out pen, tee juice mop, krink k71.
  10. Tuke

    Tuke Senior Member

    • Messages: 307
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    Im wondering whats better junobo mop or block by block mop. Check in shop to see both
  11. BridgeRat

    BridgeRat Senior Member

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    Deco's with the wide tip, sharpie paint markers, shoe polish bottles with ink, Montana bombing markers.
  12. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

    • Messages: 281
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    An otr .171 i think, and a markal paint stick. Also a Luxor 810 or something, the fat one. Thats it, all I need. Still wanting to make some homemade mops.
  13. Cronanberg

    Cronanberg Member

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    I use pink grog buff proof ink in an otr marker for speed and a mop filled with either paint or ink for when I want drips
  14. Themysciran

    Themysciran Member

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    I have a nice collection of mops and markers from a few different manufacturers. I started with liquitex and montana paint markers for just painting Kidrobot and once I got more into graffiti itself, I use some OTR mops, otr .160, some of the molotow burner markers, transformers and 227s. I'm looking into getting some nice hard to buff ink since the otr paint works nicely in the mops
  15. inherone

    inherone New Member

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    some of that bic pen ink mixed with sharpie and bic permanent marker tubes, a metal tip, a uni ive had forever, and eggshell pen i keep refilling (dopest marker ive ever used) a streak no doubt, a markall always, an ap mop and thats what i have in backpack/ pockets.. i got a shit ton of markers though
  16. Eor1123

    Eor1123 Member

    • Messages: 42
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    AMSTERDAM LARGE acrylic marker, shoe polish thing with racked India ink mixed with gin :DD
  17. SuburbanTurban

    SuburbanTurban Elite Member

    • Messages: 570
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    i just use my dick to tag, dip it in ink then go buck wild all over the city
  18. Suck_dog

    Suck_dog New Member

    • Messages: 4
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    Krink k-71, krink k-60, some home depot marker (its really good actually), homemade mop
  19. REKS7

    REKS7 Member

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    i usually go out bombing with my Sharpie magnum, sharpie king size, blockbyblock mop, markal b paint skrawler and a shitload of dhl slaps
  20. dspr404

    dspr404 Member

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    usually uni poscas because they're a classic, as well as a squeezer just for good measure